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College Planners

Plan. Prepare. Succeed.

This planner is made for the driven, booked, and busy college student who wants a planner that is both stylish and able to organize all aspects of college life. I bought planners every semester, but I always stopped using them and instead turned to digital calendars. This gave me the idea to make a digital college planner. It is perfect for the college student on the go and you can customize it to your needs. I designed each page thinking about the aspects I would like in the planner. 


I hope this planner will help you to plan, prepare, and succeed! 


The 178 page planner includes: 

  • Semester Planning 

  • Semester Goals

  • Goal Breakdown

  • Budget Breakdown 

  • Financial Inspirational Board

  • Monthly Planning & Goals

  • Monthly Budget 

  • Habit Tracker

  • Weekly Overview and Hour by Hour Planning

  • Weekly Spending Tracker

  • Three Good Things

  • Exam Study Plan

  • Monthly Reflection

  • Finals Study Plan

  • Semester Reflection

I hope that you enjoy it and use this planner to plan, prepare, and succeed.

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