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Last Day of High School

Today was my LAST day of high school! I honestly can believe how fast the time has gone by! This year has truly been the best year, from college applications, to homecoming and pep rally, our spirit weeks, my fundraising campaign, chorus concerts, and now...graduation. The memories I have made this year are priceless! I just can't believe that it has all come to an end. 12 years of schooling and now it is over and I am on to bigger and better things.

Throwback: My first day of Elementary school



1st day of Freshmen Year to Last day of Senior Year

Highschool was the longest and shortest four years of my life, and I think seniors can relate to what I mean when I say that. Freshmen year feels like foreeeever ago, but at the same time the past four years seemed to have passed by with a blink of the eyes. I will miss high school because it was such a growing opportunity for me! I learned so much about myself, I grew into a young woman, and now I am ready to face the world.

For my last day of school I put together this olive green outfit. This dress was so classy, it had a low cut that showed a bit of cleavage in an appropriate and tasty way. I loved the detailing on the shoulders and the length of the dress. Fashion is all about balance, because the dress was more reaving on top its important that it has a nice length to keep the outfit classy. I paired this dress with my camouflage flats which were very comfy all throughout Graduation Practice. I also curled my hair and did natural and dewy makeup.

I am so excited to graduate in a few days...more posts coming soon! xoxo, Kye

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