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Kye Goes to College- Move in Day

Today was the big day...moving out the house and moving into my new home at The University of Maryland! After weeks of shopping and packing, the big day had finally arrived. To my surprise I wasn't that emotional (those emotions came later when it was time to say goodbye) Instead I was actually really excited to make this next big step in my life.

Everything all packed and ready to go!

The car was PACKED to the max. Shoutout to my mom for driving all my stuff!

My Awesome Crew who helped me move all my stuff (there was a LOT of stuff)

I was so excited to finally be moving to college and to start this new excited step! It is definitely hard to say goodbye to my family and friends but I will definitely take advantage of the opportunities that will be given to me here at UMD. I am so thankful to my wonderful support system who have helped me reach this place and who encourage me to shoot for the stars! Stay tuned to see how I put my dorm room together.



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