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UMD Freshman Dorm Tour

umd freshman dorm

Welcome to my 2017 Freshmen Dorm Room at UMD! I was soooo excited to put my dorm together and I am so in love with how it turned out. I want to share some details of my dorm room, where I got my things, and how I put the whole room together. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and looking at how other girls put their dorm together. I knew that I wanted my color scheme to be pink, white, and gold and I also added grey and black to tie everything together. I hope I can give some inspiration too for your current/future dorm.


Here's a before and after! I decided to "loft" my bed which was the best decision because it made this small room so much bigger. Now I have space for a sitting area and storage and everything that I bought fit into my dorm room! I definitely recommend lofting, getting up and down from bed is a little annoying but its 100% worth the extra space that you get.


My seating/coffee area is the first thing you see when you enter the dorm room. In this corner I put my fridge and my Keurig on top. I love having tea in the morning and night and I know that the coffee will come in handy for those late night study sessions. I have my teas and coffees out on display which looks so cute and is also very convenient. Keurig is from Walmart and Fridge is from Target


For my seating area I got this white butterfly chair that is so comfy. When I found it I just knew it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I have this pink, white, and grey throw blanket for my chair that ties in all the colors of my room. I also have a fluffy black bean bag(not pictured above but it can be seen in other pics) next to my chair which is perfect to lie my feet on when I'm relaxing in my seat or it can be extra seating when other people visit my dorm. Above my seating is my decorative wall. I got these motivational quote that I love. Then I have this jewelry holder that displays and holds all the jewelry that I wear. I'm so glad I got this because it forces me to only bring the jewelry that would fit onto this organizer. Chair, Throw blanket, and Beanbag from Target Organizer from Marshall's, decorative signs from TJ Maxx and Marshall's


Next I have my desk area that is under my bed. Here I have my dresser with almost all my clothes in the drawers. I put my perfumes, lotions, and little decorations on top. Across from my dresser I have my desk. I'm still working on organizing my desk area but here's what it looks like as of now. I have a bright desk lamp, printer, my laptop, planners and little notebooks and little cute decor items. I am thinking about putting a photo collage on the white section of my desk. And of course I had to represent St. Maarten-spot my little flag on the side of my bed.

Here are some of my decor, I have these cute jars, a candle, and even my scissors are super cute. My favorite item is this sign I found that is SO ME, it says "Fashionista at Work" and I love it! Lamp from Walmart - Stapler, sign and desk decor from Marshall's - Mug from my friend Alaysia - Scissors from Target

On the side of my desk I have my white board calendar that I brought from my room. Under it I have this gold book organizer that i put all my novels in. I am currently reading "The Hate U Give" and I have other motivational and spiritual books such as "Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream" and a college guide book from U Chic called "College Girls' Real Advice" Book Organizer from Marshall's


I got this idea off of Pinterest and I think it was perfect for my dorm space. I got this cart for my makeup and hair products. In my old room I had a vanity with all makeup and all my products but I know that I needed my desk to be clear of all those distractions in college. I got this organizer and filled it with only my essential makeup products. On the bottom I have all my hair care, my blowdryer, and straightener. Whenever I have to get ready I just roll my cart over to my desk and I have everything I need. Cart from Target - Organizer from Marshall's


I was very surprised with the amount of closet and storage space that we were given. It is split into space for my roommate. I got these hanging storage for my shoes and for my purses. I have my hamper in here and some dresses and shirts hanged up. on top there are shelves which has storage. I also placed my mirror on the front of closet. Storage from TJ Maxx

My bedding is Pink with touches of gold and white. It is so comfy and I also have my personalized blanket from my Tanty Tamalia. Bedding from Target - Pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond I also have a storage piece from Bed Bath and Beyond where I have some food/snacks, cleaning supplies, and other items. And my grey rug is from Target.

I am so in love with my dorm room, it is a place that I can have my own little space in this big university, I can study, and I can call my new home. I hope you love it too and I can't wait to continue to share my college experience. xoxo, Kye

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