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First Week of College

My first week of college was such an interesting experience. I learned so much and had to get adjusted to my new home so quickly. One of the things that I had to get adjusted to was my schedule. I made this color coded schedule to keep on track with my classes. I have Math MWF, French MWF, my honors seminar TuTh, my Psych ThF and my Gemstone class on Th. The strange thing about college is that you have so much time between classes but it goes so fast! You really have to plan out time for homework, walking to class, leisure, clubs, and eating!

Monday - August 28th 2017​


Jeans - T's Closet | Purse - Anne Klein

Today was my first day of college. I was so excited to get started. My first class was at 9 am so I was up at 7:30 to get ready. For my first day I wanted to give out a great first impression with my outfit. ​I styled my new favorite jeans with a white flowy top. I did a white on white look by adding my white blazer. My sandals are snake print with gold detailing and I added a brown belt to tie it all in. My day went so well, my lecture had about 200 students which is something I had to get adjusted too but I felt right at home in my french class which had only about 20 students. Overall it was a great start to my freshmen year!

Tuesday - August 29th 2017


Top - Target | Jeans - Old Navy | Shoes - Nike | Purse - Anne Klein

Today was a super rainy day, which sucks when you have to walk from class to class. For today's outfit I put together a super chill outfit for the rainy weather. I wore my hair up in a bun and this brown oversized top that I wore off the shoulder with my comfy pair of jeans. I love my new pair of sneakers from Nike and I tied the look together with a black choker and my black purse. I only had one class today so lucky I wasn't out in the rain for too long! On this day I had my honors seminar where we discuss scientific topics such as global warming, DNA, and astronomy.

Wednesday - August 30th 2017


Top - Calmos Cafe | Jeans - Old Navy | Denim Jacket - Old Navy

For today's look I wore my olive colored jeans that I am loving, the ripped detailing is my favorite. I paired these jeans with my C'est La Vie top from St. Maarten and finished the look by adding my denim top. I love how casual this outfit was while still making a statement when I walk in the room.

Thursday - August 31st 2017


Skirt - H&M | Top - Forever 21 |

Today I wanted to be a little more dressed up, I wore my long black and white pencil skirt, I always get so many compliments on this skirt and the best part is that it is so comfortable. I paired it with a white top and my black sandals and black choker. I had three classes today, my gemstone class where we got to meet new people and learn out more about Gemstone(my four year research program). Next I went to my honors seminar and then my Psychology class. I am so excited to learn psychology and I love my professor! After class I went to the first Caribbean Student Association's meeting for this year. I am so excited to be apart of this club because my island and culture mean the world to me. It was amazing to be in a room of people who share my same culture.

Friday-September 1st 2017


Shorts - BCBG Generation | Top - Forever 21 | Cardigan - H&M | Shoes - Nike

It's Friday! And it's also the beginning of my favorite month: September! My birthday is only 18 days away! Today I wore this super cute neutral colored outfit. My shorts are this cream color which match my shoes and my backpack. I paired it with a black top and my brown cardigan to keep my warm on this chilly day. I love this layered necklace that my friend Fleur got me! Today I had my first math quiz (already?!) and I felt that I did pretty well on it. The courses in college are definitely very very fast paced!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this week's outfits and learning a bit of my experience during my first week of classes. I love using fashion as a way to express myself, it makes me feel so confident and gives me an extra boost when I'm headed to all my classes. Want to see more weekly outfits? Leave me suggestions and stay tuned for more posts... xoxo, Kye

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