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How I Stay Motivated

The end of the semester is so close! Finals are around the corner! And after a break at home, it can be hard to find the motivation to finish strong. I totally relate and so I thought this was the perfect time to share the ways that I stay motivated.


Focus on Goals

A big part of staying motivated is having something to be motivated towards! This can be a test, a degree, or a career. My goal is to be a doctor, so this is my long term goal. In order to get into medical school I need to have a high GPA and ace my science classes and so every test and exam is my short term goal. Figure out your goals and surround yourself with them. I like to write them on my white board, my journals, and in my phone.

My PreMed notebook is filled with tips, tricks, and notes about medical school.


Stay Organized

When you feel like you have 100 things to do, you can get so overwhelmed and not know where to start. I like to write "To Do" notes, and use my calendar and my phone to organize everything I have to do. I think that checking off each task is so satisfying and it feels great to get things done. This helps me to feel motivated to check off more tasks from my list.


Surround Yourself with Positivity

A very important part of staying motivated is having a good attitude and filling your life with positivity. This includes yourself, your friends, and even the people you follow on social media. I have a set of Youtubers and bloggers I follow who share positivity and share their stories and are such strong women.

One of my favorite Instagram bloggers is @paging.dr.dre.. she is an OB/GYN resident (what I hope to be in a few years)


Good Moods Playlist

Music is a big part of my life and most student's. That being said you can use music to lift your mood and get you ready for the day. Take all the songs that make you feel good, happy, and motivated and put them into a playlist that you can play before a big test or on those days when you don't feel like getting out of bed.


I love the lyrics for "Happy Face" by Destiny's Child


Think about that A

When I've been studying for hours everyday and all I want to do is chill and watch Netflix, I stay motivated by thinking about how great it will feel to get an A. Working hard and seeing the results is such an amazing feeling and it makes the studying always worth it!


Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes can give you an extra boost to get through the day. I find my quotes on twitter, Instagram, and google and I have them on canvasses in my dorm room that I look at everyday.


Take Breaks

Finally my last tip is to take breaks! Balance is so important in life and we need it in every aspect that we do. When your mind seems full take a 10-15 minute break from your studies. I also take longer breaks when I can and I watch some of my favorite shows. Another thing I do to add balance in my life is my morning and night time routines. I give myself time every morning to do my makeup and have some coffee and in the night I do my skin care routine and have some tea. These "me times" really help me to unwind and in result make me more motivated when it's time to work.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe will use some of these tips to stay motivated towards the end of the fall semester. As always, if you have any suggestions or requests for future posts please let me know! xoxo, Kye​

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