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First Month of College

1 month ago today, I moved into college and started a new journey in my life. Oh how things have changed in this one month. I turned 18, became more independent, and have learned so much. Its only been one month so I can only imagine what I will experience in the the next four years. I'll be sharing some insights of the last month as well as some of my favorite outfits.


One of the largest impacts in my life was Hurricane Irma hitting my home St. Maarten. I can't even describe my emotions, I am truly heartbroken. Dealing with this during my second week of college was very difficult. I felt so alone, so crushed, and so helpless. But in life, there are ups and downs. In difficult moments, we must rise to the occasion and learn from the experiences. The hashtag "SXM Strong" really resonated with me, I am so proud of my island and my people. This experience made us all stronger. I am working with three other amazing students to have a clothing and items drive at my college. We named ourselves "Terps for Saint Martin"....more information to come soon! I am so grateful for the people in my honors program who gave me to opportunity to organize this and for the support they have given me.



Jeans and Blazer - T's Closet | Blouse - H&M

The most excited thing about college for me is the fact that I am getting closer to my dream of becoming a doctor. There are so many resources at the University of Maryland for Pre-Med students and I have learned so much already!

I attended a Pre-Med workshop, at this event I learned everything there is to know about getting into medical school. I need a 3.5 Science GPA, Clinical experience, a great MCAT score, community service, and research. The whole time I was sitting there, I was so excited about the whole process. I can't wait to get a clinical internship and to be volunteering. This really motivates me to keep working hard and studying, I know that I need the grades to get into my dream medical school in four years.



Jumpsuit - Alloy Apparel

Another exciting part of my first week of college has been joining clubs and getting to know new people. I joined the Caribbean Student Association and am a cabinet member. This is a club that already means a lot to me because I can express my Caribbean culture and feel less homesick for my island. As a cabinet member I will be helping the executive board plan events and fundraisers.



Shirt and Skirt - H&M

Another big part of my first month of college has been academics. Every course requires hours of work and studying. I actually have my first exams tomorrow for Math and French. There is definitely an adjustment that has to be made between studying in high school and studying in college. In high school, getting A's was pretty easy, but now I know that an A will take hours and hours of hard work and studying. My favorite study spot is Mckeldin Library, they have study cubicals and they have Starbucks! I can stay there for hours and get a lot of work done. Math has been my "struggle subject." When I say that I mean that I have to put in a lot of work to keep up with the material. I go to the extra study session and its been paying off, I got a 9.75/10 on my last quiz!



Skirt Forever 21| Purse -H&M | Top - Forever 21

Life is all about balance. Between all the work, activities, and organizations, you have to make time to let loose and have fun. My favorite city, Washington D.C, is only a short metro ride away. I loved getting all dressed up for a belated birthday dinner with my roommate. If you know me, you know that I love to get all dressed up and go out. I'll definitely be going out to the city more often. I also went to my first college football game! Its so great to be meeting new people, I hope I can make true friends that I will have for a lifetime.

So far I am loving college life. I couldn't even imagine being back in high school. I am so excited to continue this journey! Hoped you liked the post and the outfits I shared...Should I keep making monthly updates? xoxo, ​Kye

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