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Monthly Update - October 2017

My second month of college has gone by so fast. It's time to reflect over the past month and share some updates.



The most significant change in my academics is that I officially switched my major! I am now a Microbiology major and I am so excited to learn about all about microorganisms. I decided to switch my major because I just wasn't feeling biochemistry anymore and I am way more interested in biology. I think my interest in medicine makes me interested in this field.

This past month was midterm time! I definitely had to step up my studying but overall I think my midterms went well. I really am working hard to get As in my classes and at least a B in my harder courses.


Student Organizations


This month I've been continuing to be apart of the clubs I joined last month. In the Pre-Med Society meetings I got to listen to a general surgeon, chat with Johns Hopkins Medical School students and get advice from the admissions council of the University of Maryland Medical School. I really love these opportunities because they make me so excited about my path towards medical school which motivates me to work hard in my courses. Being apart of the Caribbean Student Association has been so fun! As a cabinet member, I helped to plan a GBM and hosted it! CSA is full of great people and I'm glad to be apart of it. It's great to be in a group of people who relate to and appreciate your culture!


Gemstone Terps for St. Maarten


This month my fundraiser that I started with some of my fellow terms started! We've collected over 300 items already and I am so happy with the outcome of this fundraiser. It feels so good to be able to help my island and I can't wait to ship the items down to St. Maarten.


Meeting the President of the University


This month I had the great honor of being invited to the University House for a reception by President Loh and his wife. At the reception I was able to chat with fellow Banneker/Key scholars and with the deans of the colleges that make up this wonderful university. This was truly an amazing experience to personally meet the President of the University, I hope it is not the last time that we meet and talk.


Photoshoots with Quiss


This month, Marquiss and I have been putting our passions together and creating amazing photos. We had our first photoshoot in D.C (see past blog post) and recently did another one. I have been loving doing these photoshoots and I can already see huge improvements from our first shoot. I can't wait to continue to shoot, we have a lot in store. Marquiss started a Instagram (@_noveac) for his photography and we might just have his own website coming soon!

A sneak peak of our latest photoshoot...stay tuned for the photos.


Quiss and Kye

My boyfriend Marquiss ( @_caevon)

Going from seeing each other everyday back in high school to only seeing each other on some weekends is definitely something that we had to get used to in our relationship. I miss him all the time because he truly is my best friend and I love doing everything together. But I'm happy to say that the little bit of distance has had no negative effects on our relationship, we're both really happy to be in college and are supporting each other every step of the way. I feel so blessed to have had this amazing guy in my life for the past two years and I can't wait to see where life takes us.




Family Weekend 2017

I am loving college life, but I definitely miss my family a lot. I appreciate the weekends when I get to hang out with them. My three younger brothers have been growing so much since I left the house. Akeem is a junior and he has become such an intelligent, caring, and responsible young man. Keven is more social than ever, I miss constantly arguing with him over stupid things, I think it's our form of bonding lol. He's taken advantage of me being out the house by taking my mirror and my chair into his room...Hotmess! And my sweet Kayden is just an amazing little boy, he was tested into the gifted and talented program and is learning to play the trumpet.


Goodbye October....Hello November

I hope you liked the update! I am ready for November and to see what this new month will bring me. If you have any questions about anything feel free to leave a comment on my Q&A page or message me on my social media for a personal response. I love sharing my experiences with others because we can all learn from each other. Until next time.... xoxo, Kye

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