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Monthly Update-January 2018

The first month of 2018 is already coming to an end, which means it's time for another monthly update. January is a great time to get a head start on all the New Year's resolutions that you've made. (If you haven't read mines yet click here.) For most of this month I was on winter break and I took this time to rest and spend time with my family and boyfriend.


Hair, hair, hair. This month I have been wearing my hair natural and I have been having a lot of fun trying new styles and looks.


Quiss' 20th Birthday


My baby turned 20!!! I am so happy that I got to celebrate another birthday with him. I got him some photography equipment as his present and he loved it. I am so excited to see what this year will bring as he enters this new part of his life.


Back to UMD

After a long break, I was ready to get back to the grind. I love college because I'm working hard towards my goals and my dreams and that motivates me everyday. This semester I'm aiming for a 4.0, because the higher you aim the harder you work. I'm ready to give this semester my all.

This semester I'm taking Biology,Biocalculus, Chemistry and my Gemstone classes. I am really excited because I love science and I'll be forming my research team in Gems 102. I am just looking forward to learning, researching, and getting closer to my dreams.


I only had one day of classes last week, here is my first outfit of the semester. My sweater is from Forever 21, I loved the flower and the distressing. I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans from T's Closet and my go to purse. I put my hair into and updo and put the look together with Stunna lip paint from Fenty Beauty. Stayed tuned for more outfits.


Washington D.C

A great thing about being back on campus is how close I am to D.C. I went to the Renwick Gallery for the first time and really enjoyed looking at the artwork. As for my outfit, this sweater was only $7 from Gabes, its a great store to find some unique pieces for discounted prices. I paired it with my black jeggings which are very comfortable for all the walking around the city.


Stay tuned for more posts. I am trying to be consistent with weekly blogs every Sunday. If you have any suggestions please send them to me via my contact bar on the home page.

Thank you so much for reading. I am so excited for the rest of this year.



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