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Monthly Update- February 2018

Another month has ended, and its time to update on everything I've been up to lately. I've been very busy but I feel so blessed for all the opportunities that have happened and the ones that are in the works for 2018. 


This semester has been....crazy! I am much more busier than I was last semester, but I am really enjoying my science classes and everything that I am learning.  I officially feel like a college student because of the late nights studying in the library and the amount of work that I constantly have to do. 

Time management has been very important, I've started to plan out my days even more than before, planning out exactly what assignments to do and when to study for each subject. 

I had my first Chemistry exam last week and am writing this right after my Calculus and Biology exams this week. Hoping I did well on them. 


This month I had the privilege and honor to have been chosen by the Executive Dean of the Honors College to be presented about at this year's Banneker/Key luncheons. I had the amazing opportunity of having a personal meeting with Dr. Dwyer and to attend the luncheons where I spoke with prospective students about the university. One year ago, I attended this luncheon on my interview day for the scholarship. I remember Dr. Dwyer’s presentation on these amazing current students and I hoped to myself that I would be able to do the amazing things that they did. I never imagined that in my freshman year I would make it to that screen. Sitting there and seeing my picture and hearing my name being said to a room of people was unbelievable, I was so honored and proud, and it gives me motivation to continue to work hard and do great things. I will be attending a second luncheon next week, and I am looking forward to meeting more prospective Banneker/Key student's. I love this opportunity to be able to share my experiences with them and give advice about college life at the University of Maryland. 

Top: Forever 21

For the luncheon, I wore my bright red frilled top with jeggings and boots. I think red is such a beautiful and powerful color and it gave me confidence on this big day.


This month, Gemstone has definitely started to pick up pace. We have Gems104, in which in cohort picks a topic to study for the rest of the semester. We choose Mental Health as our topic, which is a very important issue for every single person. It is important to be aware of your mental health the same way that you think about your physical health. Those with mental illness should have the resources always available to them no matter where they live. We will be looking at this topic through the scopes of education, science, public policy, and environment as we research this topic. 

In Gems102, we are going through the process of forming our research teams! This is such an exciting time. I co-proposed an project with one of my peers on "Pathomaps" The idea is to create a map of the pathogens and microorganisms on hot spots around campus, and use that information for public policy and health safety. As a microbiology major, I am very intrigued with the project and I hope it will be voted for. I can't wait to find out what team I will be one! 

Valentine's Day 2018

As we all know, February is the month of the holiday of love. I got to spend time with boyfriend. I miss him so much while I'm away at college and the next time I see him would be Spring Break. And so we made the best out of our Valentine's Weekend. 



We saw the AMAZING Black Panther movie and went to Dave & Busters. It was my first time ever going and I had so much fun. I'm really thankful for the effort he put in for these amazing dates. 

Black History Month

For Black History Month, I decided to share my daily quotes from black influencers all throughout February. I believe that black history month is so important and should always be celebrated. These quotes made me feel so empowered because of all the struggles that black people have been through in history and how powerful black people are. As a black young woman, I am proud of who I am and will never let anyone dull my shine. 

Here are some of the quotes. Visit my instagram highlights to see more. 

What's Next for Me?

Stay turned for more updates to find out!



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