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New Hairstyle: Cornrows

 As you know, I've been rocking my natural hair for the last few months. (If you would like to see a natural hair routine/products I use, let me know! I've tried out some new products and found what works for me.) Now that it's March, I wanted to switch up my hairstyle and try a look I haven't done since I was a little girl....cornrows.  

I have had box braids since middle school, they're my favorite protective style and luckily for me my aunts are the best at braiding and always hook me up with some long singles braids. Since I've had braids so many times, I decided to switch things up lately, first with blonde braids and now with cornrows. 


 The inspiration for this look came from this picture on Pinterest of this black beauty. I love Pinterest for all types of inspiration, from hair, to outfits, to motivational quotes, to skin care tips....everything and anything! Feel free to follow my boards, the link is on this website! I loved how she had the two braids going down the middle and I thought the size of the braids were perfect to be long lasting. 

7 Hours Later

My aunt did an amazing job of recreating this look, and it only took seven hours. If you get braids done then you know why I said "only" single braids usually take 10-13 hours. The longest time frame were my blonde braids last summer which were tiny and went all the way down to my took ALL day. But I think braids are always worth it. 

If you have been thinking about getting braids...

I say go for it! Braids are great because they can last 2-3 months, they're perfect for summers because you can swim while protecting your hair, and great for winter to protect your hair from cold, harsh weather. And of course you can rock them anytime around the year.

They are also very versatile. When I have single box braids, I usually wear them straight for the first month and a half, doing different styles such as buns and half up/half down. Once they start to look old, I refresh the look by curling them, you curl box braids by braiding them into sections and then putting them into hot water, dry and untwist the sections and you're done! Don't be afraid to try new styles!

My Past Braids 

 Blonde long box braids

Curled blonde box braids

 Black box braids 

 Curled black box braids 

Hope you enjoyed the blog, like my new hairstyle, and maybe got some inspiration for your next hair-do. 

As always thank you so much for reading. Stay tuned for my next blog on studying tips that will be posted on Sunday! And if you have any suggestions for posts you want to see please let me know! 



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