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And my Gemstone Team is....

For those who do not know, I am in the Gemstone Honors Program here at the University of Maryland. This is a program like no other in the nation in which undergraduate students propose projects, form teams, and conduct researches all in four years. As a freshman, I have been taking Gemstone courses to prepare me for the next three years of research and after months of anticipation I have been put onto my team! 

I am happy to announce that I am on ....

Team FEAT 

FcεR1 Examination for Allergy Treatment

I will be researching ways to disrupt FcεR1 from binding IgE cells to mast cells to prevent the allergic response. I was interested in this idea because of its biological and medical applications. I am so excited to start researching and to potentially help create a drug for allergy treatment. Allergies affect so many people, from seasonal allergies to severe life-threatening ones. This research will be impactful and I feel extremely grateful to apart of it. Congrats to all the teams, I’m looking forward to seeing what my brilliant corhort will come up with at then end of these 4 years 

This is the start of a new journey and I am happy to be keeping you all updated through it all! 

Stay tuned!



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