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What's in my Suitcase: Packing for Study Abroad

As you may already know, I am currently counting down the days to my study abroad trip in Montpellier, France. Today, I thought it would be fun and helpful to share how I packed for the trip and some tips I gained from my previous travel experiences.

Picking Your Luggage

I think the first step in packing is to start with good and reliable luggage. I decided to get a smaller suitcase as this would be my first time traveling abroad by myself and I didn't want to be stuck carrying around a big heavy suitcase through the airports. I also knew that Europeans usually travel lightly. I also chose a suitcase with four wheels and one that was light weight, again so that carrying it would be easy.

Make a List

I start my packing by making a list of what I need/want to bring. It's good to have a checklist when packing for trips abroad so that you're less likely to forget items. Making a list also helps me to pack only what I need rather than overpacking as I usually do.

Choosing Outfits

Picking out outfits before you pack is a great way to minimize the risk of overpacking and to ensure that you don't forget anything. I like to start with some statement pieces that I know I want to wear, next I will start pairing them with my more basic pieces, such as my jeans, shorts, and tanks. Finally, I'll pick shoes that look best with the most amount of outfits.

If it's been in your closet forever and you never wear it...don't pack it!

If the shoes are cute but they hurt...don't pack them!

Pack for the Events

At this time, our final itinerary has not been set so I'm not sure whether I'll be visiting a museum and walking around the city or horseback riding and canoeing. For this reason, I need to be sure to pack outfits that can work for many excursions that we might go on. If you have a plan of activities before your trip, use this to guide you through your packing.

You also want to pack for changes in weather. I added to my list my raincoat, small umbrella, and a light jacket.

Packing Makeup and Toiletries

I always pack these items last. To pack my makeup, I go through the steps of my everyday makeup process: take out primer first, add it to my makeup bag, next I do brows, add those in, and etc until I have gone through my whole process and I confident that I didn't miss any steps. I've found that doing this works best for me and I don't forget anything.

Next I put in the "extra" items: one red lipstick, one pink lipstick, one lip gloss, an extra eyeshadow pallet, and so on. These items are the ones that I would add along with my everyday makeup look to take it from casual to dressy.

I do a similar routine with my toiletries; as I get ready for the airport I pack each item as I use it.

So....What did I pack?

  • 2 swim suits

  • 5 dresses

  • 20 shirts

  • 15 bottoms (pants,skirts,shorts)

  • 4 shoes

  • 2 hats

  • Some jewelry and accessories

I proud of myself for not overpacking too much....but I probably still overpacked. It's the struggles of a fashionista, I want to look good every day I'm there! I can't wait to share my outfits with you all on this blog along with my experiences in Montpellier.


Hope you all liked the blog, I am so excited to go on my trip. If you have any questions about study abroad let me know!



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