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Montpellier: Week 1

My first week in France has come to an end! It was a very eventful week and I haven't had time to sit down and write until now. I am very excited to share all that I have been doing with everyone!

First of all...have you read my last blog post? If not, read it before this blog to find out how my first day in Montpellier was.


Tuesday- Ice Cream & Art Museum

My day started with my French class at the ILA followed by my conversation class. We got ice-cream and talked about our experiences in the park. I like my conversation class because it is a great way to practice french with the other students in my group.

After our class, my friends and I went to the Musée Fabre, an art museum in the city for a few hours. The museum had many different types of art, such as modern art and art from the romantic era. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed looking at all the art and interpretation the thoughts of the artists.


Wednesday: Narbonne

On Wednesday, we had our first excursion outside of Montpellier! We went to Narbonne, a beautiful french town in Southern France. This town is known for its Roman history, it has a beautiful canal and monuments. Click here to read my blog post on this town.


Thursday: Museums and Café

As you can see, Wednesday was a very eventful day therefore I was appreciative that Thursday was more relaxed. I went to my french class at the ILA then we went to two museums. The first was an exhibit on Montpellier's history and the second was on medicine in Montpellier. Unfortunately photos were prohibited at these museums.

Afterwards, we went to Café and talked in French to each other. It was a great day.


Friday: À La Plage

Friday was BEACH DAY! We were all super excited to go. The beach was so beautiful and had calm vibes. It wasn't overly commercialized like the beaches in the states are, instead it was perfect for relaxation! We all took naps on the sand and had a great day.


Saturday: Saint-Guilhem-le Désert

Saturday morning I was up again for a busy day, we went on an all day excursion to Saint-Guihem-le Désert and saw the Pont Du Diable. To read more on this village click here!


Sunday Brunch

Sunday is our free day, meaning that we had no planned activities. My friends and I decided to go to brunch at La Panacee. The food was great and we stayed there for hours just chatting and eating. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Les filles en France


I hope that you enjoyed reading about my first week in France! I will be making a post summarizing each week as well as more detailed posts on our excusions. I feel so blessed to be here and am beyond grateful this opportunity!

Time to start a new week, wish me good luck!



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