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Next stop: Arles! Arles is a city and commune in the South of France with amazing history. As you can see in the picture above I was very excited to be visiting! Arles was one of the territories in France that was a part of the Roman empire which means....roman ruins! I really love Roman history and I never realized that the South of France had so much until this trip.


The Arles Amphitheater

This amphitheater was built in 70 AD! It is so amazing that it is still standing today. I was in awe as we walked by and in shock that I was actually seeing this with my own eyes. On this visit, we didn't go inside but don't worry I visited another Roman amphitheater.. (can you guess in which French city? stay tuned on the blog)

Back in the Roman days, the amphitheater was used to entertain the masses. Today, it's still used for those reasons. It hosts bull fighting, plays, and concerts!


Roman Theater of Arles

The Roman Theater in Arles was build in the time of Augustus and was built more than a century before the Amphitheater. It was one of the first stone theaters in the Roman world! These Roman theaters were shaped as a half-circle and were used for spectacles such as plays and musicals. Now a days, it is still used for performances. In fact, during our visit we saw a stage set up and what looked like a DJ booth under the tent in the stands. I could not imagine going to a concert in an ancient roman theater, but the people in the South of France have that opportunity. I was so amazed! I think its interesting to see the ancient structures being mixed with modern day technology. I also think its so cool how these structures could last for thousands and thousands of years. I've always loved roman history as a child and to see it with my own eyes was a once in a lifetime experience!


The Place du Forum was a city center for the roman city. Also, did you know that Vincent Van Gogh lived in Arles 1888 to 1889 and produced over 300 paintings and drawings during his time in the city. I love Vincent Van Gogh's work, if I could go back I would definitely his famous locations in Arles.

To end the day, I had some delicious ice-cream. I hope you liked learning about Arles!

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