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Le Château de Flaugergues

The Château de Flaugergues is a castle near Montpellier in the South of France. This historic "folie" was built near the end of the 17th century. "Folie" translates to "madness" in English, it was the word given to these old mansions because they were built by the rich and nobles as a sign of wealth. These houses were often used a summer residences for the nobles of Montpellier. Now a days, it is a historic site with beautiful gardens and impressive architecture.


Le Jardin

I was most impressed by the garden! On this excursion, I learned the difference between a French garden (un jardin à la française) and an English garden (un jardin à l’anglaise). A French garden is what you see above, it is very geometric, symmetrical, and organized. Contrary, an English garden imitates nature. The Château de Flaugergues had both.


Inside the Château

Inside, the mansion had several rooms which were staged to show how the Nobles lived back in the day. It was interesting to know that the Flaugergues family still lives in the castle; they have opened it up to the public and showcase all this history. Many of the items in these rooms were very expensive and historic. I thought the gaming room was interesting, I just imagined the noble family playing card games in there...maybe they weren't so different than regular folks.


Wine Tasting

Not going to lie, this was my favorite part! After a tour inside the castle, we were led to a room for "la dégustation de vin" They make there own wine on the property and we were able to taste each kind: blanc, rosé, and rouge.

I really loved the cute glasses that they gave us. Out of all three the white was my favorite.


I could not get over how gorgeous the scenery was!

Here was my outfit for the day...for more pics and outfit details check out the fashion page on my blog.

I hope you liked this post, this visit was on my favorites! Stay tuned and keep reading to find out more about my trip to France!

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