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Sophomore Suite Tour

Hi Guys! I am so excited to show off my sophomore suite to you all. I'm living in Montgomery Hall on South Campus. I am so in love with my room, my suite, and my building. I hope you enjoy my new suite!

Check out my room tour video on my IGTV @simply_kye


Before & After

I love the before and after because I love how the room is just transformed so quickly. As you can see by the overall look, my style is very girly. I have a color scheme of pink, gold, grey with black and white as well. I kept all my room decor from last year but in this new space it feels fresh and new.


The Process

Packing for college can be very stressful. It seems that no matter what you always forget at least one thing. I think packing lists can be really helpful to lower this chance. Once I got to campus my family and I worked to get everything into the room. Then we started with bedding, desk items, and the bigger items. We were actually able to get the whole room done in less than 2 hours! As you see in the pictures above, I had things pre-packed so the cubbies and my carts were already prepared with the items I wanted in them.



Bedding: Target | Lights: Marshalls | Book light: Barnes & Nobles | Canvas Prints: Marshalls

My bed is a twin size as you would see in most college rooms. My bedding is all from Target. I really love these colors because the pink is very soft and it tied in well with the gold and grey. Around my bed I have my lights which I think adds a nice look to the room and it looks great when the lights are off. I also have a clip-on light that I will use to read in bed or study before going to sleep.

On my wall to the right I have my beautiful motivational sayings which I got from Marshalls. I love waking up and reading them, they keep me positive and ready for the day. I do think I need something for the wall above my bed so I'll be on lookout for the perfect addition.



Bed risers: Walmart | Cubbies: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

As for storage, I used bed risers in order to create more space under my bed. The bed riser added a few inches and made my cubbies fit perfectly! In these cubbies I store away my food, snacks, first aid kit, batteries, and other things of that sort. I am also able to fit some large clothing storage that I got from Ikea, right now they're empty but they'll come in handy when I start to transition to fall/winter clothing.



Laptop case: Amazon

One of the things I missed this summer was having my desk! This is a place where I spend a lot of time during the semester and I like to have it as organized as possible.

Printer: HP Deskjet | Candle: Marshalls

At the top of my desk I keep my printer and to the right I have some beautiful decorations. This "Miracle" poster is a gift from my grandma and I love how it adds a pop of color and different color scheme to the room.

Desk accessories: Marshalls | Planner: Lavish Life | Book: Barnes & Noble

To the left of my desk I have my academic planner for this year from Lavish Life Brand. This planner is great because it was made for the college student lifestyle, it has budget trackers, monthly goals, motivation and biblical quotes, and everything I could want out of a planner. It matches well with my desk accessories. I also place my simple acts of kindness book here so I can read a page and be inspired to do a kind act each day.

Notepad: Target | Pens and Sticky Notes: Target | Mug: Marshalls

To the left of my desk I have a different color scheme, here I have my black and white desk accessories. I love this notepad which I use for my meetings and organizations. I also keep sticky notes which are ideal when studying. In the corner is my "Quote Book", this notebook was a gift from my grandma and I've been writing daily motivational quotes in it. I like to keep this on my desk so I can read through the quotes whenever I need it.



Jewelry organizer: Marshalls

For my dresser I wanted to keep it very minimal. Here I keep my jewelry on this great organization, and some of my other special jewelry is in their boxes. I also keep my vitamins here so I don’t forget to take them.

In my dresser I fit my underwear, T-shirts, shorts, and jeans. I actually underpacked this time so I have space for more clothes to fit!


Sitting Area

Here is my favorite part of the room. I have my butterfly chair from Target decorated with a throw pillow and my throw blanket. To the side I have my book case that has some motivational books, my bible, and novels. I love having this space to relax. Above I have my calendar and another canvas that has a great message.

Here I have my mini fridge and I have my keurig on top with an organizer for my coffees and teas. I love my coffee so this is a staple part of my room.



Organizers: Marshalls

My closet is much bigger than last year, I have some storage on top. I use some organizers for my shoes and for other items. On the hangers I have jackets, blazers, blouses, and dresses. I also fit my shower items and my laundry in the closet too. In the corner I keep my carts which have my makeup, lotions, hair care products, and more.


My Carts

Grey cart: Target | Black cart: Ikea

I think having these carts was one of the best ideas for my room. It made so much space in my room and its perfect because when I get ready I simply roll them out and when I'm done they go back here in my closet. This also allows my desk to have only school related things rather than it being a desk and a vanity.


Hope you guys love my new room as much as I do! Check out my freshman dorm room here. And be sure to watch my IGTV Room Tour Video.

I am so excited for sophomore year, I am ready to give this year my all and I will certainly be taking you all on this journey with me!

Stay tuned for the next blog,



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