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The Lavish Life Planner

Hello my lovely readers, I hope that everyone is getting ready for the new semester coming up! Today I wanted to share this amazing planner that I've found because I really believe its the best one out there. If you're interested in purchasing one I have an affiliate link: . If you use this link you'll support me and this new small and black owned business!


About the Brand

The Lavish Life planner was created by Ruby, a Biomedicine student, Youtube, and Entrepreneur. She saw a need for a better planner for busy students that also had a great aesthetic and promotes academic success. I was really attracted to the brand's mission statement and I think promoting black-owned business is so important, I honestly saw so many similarities between Ruby and myself and I appreciate her work ethic that led her to creating this great planner.


About the Planner

The planner comes in either black or marble. I got the marble one and love it. It is very high quality! The pages are thick, the gold looks amazing, and everything was beyond my expectations. The 250 page planners include:

  • Inside pocket for storing stickers, loose papers, and receipts

  • Bucket List 2018-2019

  • Monthly and Weekly Quotes for motivation

  • Budget sheets for every month

  • Expense sheets for every monthIncome tracking sheets for every month

  • Goal sheets for every month

  • Monthly Habit tracker

  • 2 schedule layout for every Semester Monday

  • Start weekly spreads

  • Assignment and Grade tracker for up to 7 classes

  • Master Syllabus to note important class information such as Office hours, Professor contact information etc

  • Quote/verses for Every Situation (removable)

  • Health check Notes Section for to-do’s, brain dump , doodling, etc.


A Look Inside

Here is my weekly schedule for this semester!

Spiritual quotes for every situation- I love this for the tough study nights.

Simple acts of Kindness - if you know me you know that I have a book for over 500 simple acts of kindness that I keep on my desk so I really loved having some of these acts in my planner as well.

An Expense Tracker and Budget- perfect for college life!

Monthly goals! I love this because I am a true believer of not only setting goals but also writing them down and taking steps to make them happen.


This was a look of just a few of the many pages in this planner, it truly has my stamp of approval and I suggest and recommend to all my busy hardworking girls out there.

If you're interested please use this link to purchase and you can not only support this amazing brand but me as well:

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone an extremely successful semester!



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