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September 2019 Update- An Eventful Month

Hello my lovely readers. As you may know, this month was StylebyKye September meaning that I uploaded a new post every Sunday this month. I thought what better way to end this month than with a monthly update recapping how September was for me. It was an eventful month and I am excited to share it with you all!

(Did you miss my Monthly Updates? Should I bring them back? Let me know)


The Birthday Girl!

To start, September is my birthday month!!! I turned 20 on the 18th of this month and I had such an amazing birthday. It is a blessing to turn one year older and to make it to two decades of life! To read more about my birthday, head over to my bday blog:


StylebyKye - A Brand

This month, I was blessed to have some opportunities to grow my brand! I had a goal that in my junior year of college I wanted to grow this blog to new heights and it has already begun within my first month. I have been getting inquiries from brands and businesses which is super exciting, but it also means that I need to be more thoughtful with my intentions and to stick to what I want StylebyKye to represent. I started this blog four years ago, never for the intention of money or products so it is important to me to only take partnerships that align with my mission.

I've taken the time to invest in my brand some more, making StylebyKye September was an example of that because even though I am in my busiest academic semester yet, I didn't want to stop posting. I also started my Youtube channel (click here to subscribe) which was a long-time goal of mine. So not only am I blogging but I am now posting video content as well!

I am really proud of how I have balanced everythingI have going on and still posting SEVEN times since August 25th!! I hope to keep this up throughout the year and continue to grow this brand.

Another step I've taken is getting some brand merchandise and designing a new logo!! I am so excited to show you all so stay tuned!


Academics- A Hot Girl Semester

As I hinted to above, this is a really busy semester for me. I am taking a heavy-credit load once again, this time a total of 20 credits which is pretty terrifying....but I am making the best of it! I will not sugar-coat anything, this semester is very difficult! The hardest part is just not feeling like I have enough time in the day to learn all my material. Here is a look at my average week:

I pretty much have to use up every second of the day working and once I'm out of class I head straight to the library or a cafe to study and complete homework. Although it is overwhelming, I've created a good schedule to which I still feel successful. I cook, I workout, I take time to write these blogs and go out with friends, I still put on a cute outfit everyday...I do everything I can to be happy and fulfilled.

I am also happy to say that so far I've been doing well in my classes. I got an A on my first Genetics exam and feel really good about my performance on my first Cell Biology exams. It's difficult taking the two biology classes at the same time, people usually take Genetics first (BSCI222) and then take Cell Bio (BSCI330) in separate semesters but I am taking both in one semester, which equates to 8 credits of biology! That's a lot of biology to learn so I've been focusing on studying smarter.

Coffee is my best friend right now, I drink at least a cup a day and most days I drink 2 since I start the day at 7 and end at midnight....ah it's kinda crazy but we do what we gotta do right? Anyways, I will definitely keep you updated on how this semester goes but if I ever do stop posting just know that academics comes first for me!

Want to see what a day in my life looks like? Watch my vlog:


Girls just wanna have fun

Even with all the work, it has still been a really fun month! I've been enjoying going out with friends on the weekend and was even a masquerader at the Caribbean Student Association's Fall Fete. It was so fun to be able to show off my culture to the UMD campus and represent my island St. Maarten! I can't wait for more CSA functions throughout the year.


Leadership, Orgs, and More!

As all of my previous semesters, I have taken on leadership roles along with my academics. This year I am really excited to be Vice President of Charles R Drew Pre-Health Society! If you have been following me for a while then you know that I started from a member, to community service committee to secretary on e-board and now VP! So far, it has been so lovely to work alongside our co-presidents pictured above and the rest of the executive board. Being VP means that I am in charge of our annual Networking Dinner in the Spring and our annual Habitat for Humanity Community Service.

Executive-board bonding ^

I also am CMO of the Non-Profit "EmpowerU" which was founded by a friend of mines. I always dreamed of working on a non-profit to give back to the Caribbean and had no clue that this dream could come true so quickly. Be sure to check out our website: to use our resources and get involved!

I have also been continuing my leadership roles within Gemstone. This time last year I was working as a section leader, meaning that I was a TA for a student taught Gemstone staff. Now, this year I am working on the Gems100 Steering Committee. In this role I work with staff and fellow committee members to create curriculum and help administrate the course! I am also keeping my role as Director of Strategic Outreach and have some ideas of events to host throughout the semester and ways to keep the honors program inclusive to all students.


Finally....a huge opportunity

How do I even begin to explain this one! This month I had the huge honor of being chosen to be THE student speaker at a University Campaign Event for student scholarship!!! I think I cried about five times throughout the whole process just out of disbelief and being so emotional about my journey. The event guest list included the President of the University who introduced me to the stage, as well as deans of colleges and VIP alumni. I am going to write a separate post and really explain the event and reflect on the experience, which will be posted next week but this was hands-down the highlight of my month and probably the highlight of my college career thus far!!


That concludes a look at what September was like for me! I am now one month done with my junior year of college and so far it has been an amazing year. I am honestly amazed at all that has happened, I am just humbled by all the opportunities and feel so blessed.

October, this girl is ready for you!




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