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Semester Debrief - Fall 2019

Hello my lovely readers, today I am excited to be back with a new post! At the end of every semester I post a semester debrief and this semester I decided to sit down and film a video chatting about my semester for my Youtube Channel. In the video below, I really just wanted to chat about some of the ups and downs and things that I don't usually talk about, it definitely got a little emotional at times, but I'm happy to have been able to talk about it. I hope you enjoy the video!


Junior Year Fall Semester

College is really interesting because you really start to look at your live in certain chunks of time: Spring Semester, Summer Break, Fall Semester, etc. Today I wanted to recap the past three months aka my fall 2019 semester. In every semester, I learn so much, in and out of the classroom and this semester was no exception.

My coursework this semester was pretty heavy, I took Cellular Biology and lab, Genetics and lab, General Chemistry 2, Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab, French Grammar and Composition, Communications, and my Gemstone lab credits. Along with those classes, I was happy to serve as Vice-President for Charles R Drew Pre-Health Society and on the Gems100 Steering Committee and Gemstone Leadership Council.

In my blogs and in my above video, I talked a lot about how difficult this semester was for me. I really put a lot on my plate and some days it felt like too much to handle. With all that I also had some personal issues I was going through....a heartbreaking breakup and learning how to be on my own for the first time in four years. I had a lot of questions that needed answers about who I was and who I wanted to be, mix in turning 20 and entering a new chapter of my life, there was just a lot of personal growth going on the background this semester that I didn't share with a lot of people. Although I'm opening up a bit now, there are still things that I keep to myself that are part of my personal journey as I continue to grow and learn.

Overall, I am incredibly proud of the way I handled this semester. I truly tried my best every single day and I became more in love with the woman I am becoming, more passionate about my dreams, and more confident in who I am and my abilities. Academically, I was truly challenged this semester but I stepped up to the challenge with all that I could. I am happy to say that I finished the semester with straight As for the fifth semester in a row!

I am proud of my performance in each class but if I had to highlight a few I would say that I am really proud of my A- in my bioanalytical lab because that lab took so much work, probably 5+ hours for each lab report every week but I am proud that I always completed the lab reports on my own and trying my best to understand what I was doing. I really tried my best and its always the best feeling when you feel like you really worked hard to earn that grade and although I do that for every class I really felt that way for this difficult lab.

I am SO SO SHOCKED at my A+ in cellular biology!! This is my first A+ in a STEM course and I couldn't be happier! This was another class that I truly gave my all in and it was my favorite class I've taken so far. I got over 100% on all the midterms and did so well on the final that I ended with a 97% in the class. Unbelievable!

I am really grateful for the opportunities I have had this semester, for the lessons that I was able to learn, the people I was fortunate enough to met, the friendships that grew stronger, I am thankful for it all. One thing that I am taking away from this semester is that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I can do anything I put my mind to!

I'm looking forward for a restful holiday season and wish everyone a great rest of their year.

Thanks for reading and watching!




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