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Black Women Brands Spotlight

It’s finally happening! I’m bringing back part 2 of one of my favorite blogs: Black Women Brands Spotlight ✨

Empowered women empower women!

I am personally so inspired by so many fellow Black women who are building their brands, platforms and businesses. So many of my friends have expressed themselves unapologetically on various platforms and on a variety of topics from lifestyle, to fashion, faith, law, medicine and more and I want to use my platform to uplift and support them!

For part 2, we are going bigger and better! Here is how you can start:

Head to right now to be able to nominate a Black-women owned brand or fill out the submission form yourself to be featured.

Read last’s years post to see all the amazing brands that were featured!

I also have some ideas up my sleeve to be able to dive deeper with these ladies and their stories such as IG lives, panels and videos so STAY TUNED!

I am so excited to support my fellow Black women and I hope you are too! To all my creatives out there - thank you for inspiring me to be myself unapologetically and spreading Black Girl Magic everyday.



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