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Dinner at VUE Rooftop - Night Out in DC

Saturday Jan 29th 2021

When my college best-friend said that she was coming into town I knew we had to treat ourselves to a lovely dinner out in the city. After a long week of work, I was so excited to go out and catch up over drinks and food. I saw a review of VUE Rooftop online and decided to try it out for this girl's evening.

VUE Rooftop

VUE Rooftop is located in DC, near the White House, with an amazing view of DC and the Washington Monument. As the name alludes to, the "vue" is truly a reason to visit this restaurant, it was beautiful!

As we walked in we were seated in the lounge area that featured dim lighting and a DJ. The vibes were immaculate! The DJ was one of the best I have heard in a while, he bumped R&B and Hip-Hop songs all night and the atmosphere shifted to party mode with people getting down on the dance floor. When I chose this rooftop I didn't expect such a fun party scene so it was an entertaining surprise.

The Experience

My friend and I laughed as we reminisced on the college parties we used to go to. The crowded spaces, sweaty people, rowdiness, drinking too was all part of the going out college experience. But we're also excited about entering this new phase where a place like this was the perfect night out. We had the drinks, the music, the dancing, and the vibes but in a more "grown-folk" sense. Don't get me wrong we still love a night at the bars and clubs, but it is so interesting to watch our interests evolve as we grow older.

It is also great to be in this gap position between broke college student and broke medical students where we have jobs and can treat ourselves to a night like this. We chatted about our acceptances to medical school and all the changes going on in our lives. We talked about our hopes and aspirations, our habits as we try to become the best version of ourselves, and about ways we've been finding work-life balance.

I was so happy because these are the experiences and friendships I prayed for. I am blessed to have friends that uplift me and make me better. And friends who I don't have to talk to everyday but when we do link up the connections are always there.

The Food

As we laughed and chatted, we were quickly served our appetizers. We started with the truffle fries, calamari, and my favorite...the crab deviled eggs. The cocktails were sweet and delicious. I had the "Power to the Peaches" which was bright, aromatic, and a little bubbly. My friend had "First Ladies Lemonade" and guessing by how fasts she finished her drink...she loved it!

For the main course, I had the Seared King Salmon with roasted baby carrots and fregola. It was delicious, I never tried fregola but I loved it! It was a great change to the typical rice. Finally I had the crème brulée for dessert. Growing up, we would go out to eat to celebrate our good report cards and I always got the crème brulée...somethings never change! This was a cheers to my medical school acceptances and all to come in 2022.

The Outfit

What is a night out without a pretty little dress? I had this lime green dress in my closet and haven't worn it yet. I loved this dress for the color that pops on my skin tone, the flattering fit and the high slit. Instead of waiting for the weather to be warmer before I would wear this, I decided to layer my white sweater on top. For my hair, I decided to blow-dry it and brushed it into this top bun and I loved it. I did my normal makeup routine, added some lashes, clear gloss and pearl earrings and the look really came together.

I really love the layered look and it is something I want to experiment more with this winter. Each winter, I feel frustrated with my fashion choices because I feel that all I can do is rotate pants and sweaters versus the many choices from skirts, shorts, dresses, rompers, etc that I wear in the warmer months. Instead of feeling stuck with my fashion choices, I'm trying to challenge myself more each winter to add more colors to my wardrobe and using layering like with this outfit to still be able to wear a dress now and then. And I challenge you to do the same!

Overall, I had a lovely night out in DC. If you're looking for great views, drinks with a fun vibe I recommend the Vue Rooftop. And to pop out with a bright color like I did.

Thanks for reading and comment below more spots in DC that I should try!




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