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Fall 2021 College Planners Are Here!

Hello my lovely readers! It's that time again, we're going back to college! With the new semester around the corner I am very excited to announce that I am launching Fall 2021 Digital.....AND Paper College Planners!

If you liked the 2020 digital planner then you will LOVE the 2021 planner. I refined the designs and it is a DATED planner! My personal favorite part of the planner are the weekly spreads. One thing I loved doing during college was planning out my week each Sunday. I have weekly overview spreads which allow you to plan out your top priorities, exams and events, and upcoming assignments each week. Then you turn into your weekly planner with sections for every day, and within each day you can plan your day hour by hour! I love that the design is very purposeful yet still simple.

But enough from me, here are some photos to see it for yourself!


This planner is made for the driven, booked, and busy college student who wants a planner that is both stylish and able to organize all aspects of college life. I bought planners every semester, but I always stopped using them and instead turned to digital calendars. This gave me the idea to make a digital college planner. It is perfect for the college student on the go and you can customize it to your needs. I designed each page thinking about the aspects I would like in the planner: college budgeting, meeting agenda planning, hour by hour layouts, exam study pages, and more.


The digital planner is 176 pages, dated, and perfect for apps such as Goodnotes or Notability. With digital planning, you have added flexibility and versatility with your planner. Duplicate pages, add stickers, take's up to you!

The StylebyKye Digital Planner will be sold for $25 on my Shopify site.


Digital planning not for you? Well this year the planner you all know and love now in a printed format! With 196 pages and a glossy cover, this is a planner you will want to take with you everywhere during your college semester!

The physical planner will be sold for $35 on my Shopify site.

I really hope you all enjoy these planners! They have been a true project of passion for me and I am excited to expand my collection in the future. I really appreciate the support to my small business and don't forget to leave a review.

Buy now by visiting on



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