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Finally 21 ~ 21st Birthday

Hello, my lovely readers, I am so excited because this past Friday, September 18th I celebrated my 21st birthday! I feel so blessed to see another year of life and I am so thankful for all the birthday wishes I received!

This birthday was one for the books! I seriously couldn't ask for a better day, the only thing I wish would have been being able to see my family and friends in person but instead, I set up a Zoom call to have them join. I knew I wasn't able to have a large 21st party due to the pandemic but I still had a fabulous night. I got my decorations at Party City and we put together a cute decoration table right here in my apartment!

Special shoutout to my mom for helping me decorate and always being there by my side and wanting the best for me. I love her to the moon and back.

I had a wonderful time celebrating with my roommates and my mom and aunt! This was really the best birthday!


Birthday Photoshoot

For my 21st birthday, there was only one gift I really wanted: a photoshoot! I haven't had a professional photoshoot done since I was maybe 9 or 10 and I thought having some pictures for my 21st would just be perfect!

The vision I had was a pink power suit! I really wanted images that spoke to my personality! Once I started shopping around online I realized that a pink suit was pretty hard to come by. Especially, one that was tailored well and fit my vision.

I took a trip to the mall with my mom and the first store we visited was Roman. Their motto is "Classy, Sophisticated Fashion Clothing for Modern Women" and when I tell you that everything in that store was SO my style. I know that one day when I get my coins up this would be a store I would shop at.

As for my quest for the perfect suit, this store had just what I was looking for! I found the PERFECT pink suit that could make my vision come true!

I worked with Mesus Studios for this shoot and he was incredible! The images are so sharp and perfect lighting and coloring. I had my makeup done by Idressfaces and she gave my the most amazing soft glam look.



This year I will be raising funds for Black Women’s Health Imperative - a National nonprofit dedicated to the health and wellness of Black women & girls. Additionally, for the next week, I will be donating 21% of all profit from my Etsy shop to this organization. Thank you for your support!


Thank You!

Finally, I just wanted to sincerely thank everyone for the birthday wishes! It made my day so incredibly special and I can't thank you all enough!

I'm excited to see what year 21 will bring!



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