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Freshmen Resources Guide

Hello my lovely readers! I hope everyone is doing well. These last couple of months have been crazy and it feels like summer is going by so fast. That means that Back to College is happening soon - and for my incoming freshmen reading this, it means it's off the college for the first time.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I know that the incoming freshmen class's first semester is going to look a lot different that what my experience was like. I want to let you know that despite the changes, your college experience can be and will still be amazing and what you make of it. There are four amazing years ahead of you!

My note to an incoming freshmen

As a rising senior, I'm preparing for my final year at the University of Maryland, and this has made me reflect a lot on my past three years of college. What stands out to be is the immense growth I have had personally and the many opportunities granted to me - this really makes the college experience stand out.

Often times, in high school when I heard about "college is the time of your life" - it always seemed to be this narrative of "party hard-study later, living without parent's and spring breakers".....yeah that narrative is not exactly what I'm taking about when I talk about the college journey.

In my personal experience and journey, the memories that stand out most aren't the college parties or "going wild" - for me it's the journey of becoming the young woman I am today and being on the road of self-discovery, independence and chasing my dreams. (Don't get me wrong, I've had my fun at college!!)

What I'm trying to say is that there is a lot more to the college experience. Being on your own, making new friends, being challenged, growing older, being in new experiences (internship, research, speaking opportunities, jobs), leadership, all of these experiences will make you a different person leaving college than you were at the start when you were fresh out of higschool.

And so to the rising freshmen, be excited! Be prepared! This journey is going to have its up and downs but it is so worth it! And I am so excited for you all to partake on your college journey! And remember how resilient you are, your senior year was not what you planned it to be and now college is being affected too - but you can still power through and make the best of the experience.

I'm here to help

While thinking of ways to offer support and guidance, I decided to add a new document to StylebyKye Resources: The Freshmen Resources Guide.

I compiled my blogs that I wrote that are really catered to the freshmen experience, links to resources on campus, my favorite study spots, and more. Since this is a google doc this is a living document and I will keep adding resources I think will be helpful.

Preview of the guide, as with all my resources the link is on my resource page and accessible to StylebyKye Site Members!

Want to chat?

If you want to chat about being pre-med or college in general, I am super happy to! I As a 1st Gen college student there is so much I wish I knew before starting college and I want to help pass on the information I've learned to incoming students.

Simply email me with your questions to and I can answer via email or we can find a time for a quick chat!

If you find the document helpful I would love to know!

Best of Luck Class of 2024!



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