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Inside Look || The Fall 2020 College Digital Planner

An inside look at my Fall 2020 College Digital Planner. The product is launching August 9th 2020 here I hope you all love this inside look at the planner and are excited for it to launch!


This planner is made for the driven, booked, and busy college student who wants a planner that is both stylish and able to organize all aspects of college life. I bought planners every semester, but I always stopped using them and instead turned to digital calendars. This gave me the idea to make a digital college planner. It is perfect for the college student on the go and you can customize it to your needs. I designed each page thinking about the aspects I would like in the planner: college budgeting, meeting agenda planning, hour by hour layouts, exam study pages, and more.


The planner is also available in yellow and black and white:

I am so excited for the launch this Sunday! Thank you all for the support and I hope you all will love the product!



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