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It has been an incredible week


This week has been unbelievable! All I can do is thank God and everyone who supports me.

I got my MCAT score back and scored a 514!!!On top of that I scored in the 100TH PERCENTILE in the Psychology/Sociology section of the exam. That’s right you’re looking at the face of a girl who scored in the 100th percentile of the freaking MCAT!!

The next day, I got an email from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies that I was selected to apply for the highest honor a graduating senior can receive. Again....WHAT?! I honestly just broke down crying because all of this is so beyond what I ever imagined for myself.

The day I was accepted to the college was one of the proudest days of my life. I will never forget my mom’s screams of joy when I was selected as a Banneker/Key scholar to attend the honors college here at UMD. The pride of on my Nanny’s face as she dropped me off to college for my freshman year. My family back home saying they are proud of me!

When you’re a first generation college student, it can feel like the weight of your generation stands on your shoulders to break barriers for your family but it also makes moments like these some of the best in my life. I feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunities given for me because I know what was sacrificed for me to be here - it is what pushes me to do my best EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And this is the result of that!

This girl from the tiny island that is a dot on the globe is on her way to graduate from college with top honors and her top medical school.

So I’ll say it again,

Black Girl Magic

Caribbean Gyal Magic

This girl is full of MAGIC! ✨

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