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MCAT Series Part 1: The MCAT Basics

Taking the MCAT soon? Want to hear someone's real and transparent experience? I am breaking it all down in my three part series on the MCAT!

Part 1 is out now and I am going over what I am calling the "MCAT Basics" such as what is on the exam, when to start studying, forming a study plan, best test prep companies and more. Please support the series and check out the first video here:

As mentioned in the video, I am working on releasing an MCAT Guide! I hope for this guide to be a written version of these videos that really tells my MCAT journey and answers all the questions I had when I started to prepare. Stay tuned for this guide coming soon and let me know if you have any questions you want me to address in it!

Also...if you haven't heard I have an MCAT Giveaway running on my blog RIGHT NOW! It closes this Friday so be sure to enter for a chance to win Kaplan MCAT books, MCAT notes and a 1-hour study planning session with me! Enter the giveaway here!

Join me for part 2 of the MCAT Series next week where I will be discussing tips that really helped me increase my score in each section!

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