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My 24th Birthday

This is twenty four.

Beyond blessed to be celebrating my 24th birthday.

Photos by my talented friend Maïsha

This past year has been so transformative for me. Moving to Boston on my own, starting medical school, learning so much about myself and growing. From a break-up, to starting therapy, to adjusting to my move and new life - it was quite the year. Transitions and change are never easy and I’m so grateful to every person who helped me this past year.

23, I finally allowed myself to live in the moment and it was beautiful and freeing. I can let the pressure get to me - thinking I needed to be everything and perfect for the people in my life. I realized this year that all I have to be is ME - and by being me I can make the impact I want to and be there for the people I love. People see the fun parts, the nights out, the success - they don't see the nights alone, the journaling, the self-work and the tears.

For every one who was a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with in the early morning hours, my dancing partners, my study buddies, and every person who has loved me and supported me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am who I am because of the people who love me.

For this next chapter, I pray for more beautiful moments with the amazing people in my life. I pray to continue to see the rainbow after the rainy days. I pray I continue to find God’s purpose for me and walk in it.

Not only is this my birthday, but this weekend I celebrated so much more. One year since moving to Boston, finishing my pre-clinical year of medical school, and starting on clinical rotations next week. It truly is a new chapter!

As I start clinical rotations, I know I will be challenged, sleep deprived, and pushed - but I know it will make me grow so much. I am excited for the patients, doctors, and health care professionals I will meet and have the honor to grow from.

It’s a new era for me and I’m excited for all it will bring.


Birthday Dinner

I started celebrating my birthday with an amazing dinner at Coquette in Boston. This restaurant is so my style and the food was absolutely amazing.

My birthday dress is from T's Closet, my aunt's boutique in St. Maarten - as soon as I saw it in her store all the way back in April I knew it was my birthday dress and it was her gift to me.

I had a vision once I saw the dress to have my hair pinned up and then found this flower petal purse on Amazon and knew it would fit perfectly. I love how classy the silhouette is and in my favorite color: hot pink!

I was so blessed to have my friends celebrate with me. They made the night so special! From the way they captured my photo like they were the paparazzi to telling everyone it was my birthday, to bringing the good vibes, laughs, and energy! I am beyond thankful to have such beautiful souls in my life.

After dinner, I headed to a Caribbean club and danced the night away with my friends.


Birthday Brunch

I knew I wanted to host something for my birthday because bringing people together truly brings me joy. What else to host but a bottomless brunch! I called it Brunch à la Kye's.

We had a Pancake Station & Yogurt Parfait with fruits and toppings.

And then the mimosa bar with Prosecco, champagne and juices to have different flavored mimosas for my guests.

Finally can’t forget my Rum Punch flavored Jello Shots. Bringing a little island flavor to everything I do as always!

I had such a fun and loving time - I don’t think I ever stopped dancing or that a smile ever left my face!

This birthday has gone down in the books. Once the weekend festivities were over and I thought I was done celebrating, my roommates surprised me with a Paint & Sip and celebrated with me on my actual birthday as well.

I really can't put into words how thankful I am to the people in my life. To each person who sent me beautiful birthday wishes, who has supported me, who loved me, I appreciate it so much.

Cheers to 24 and all this year will bring!




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