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New Resources - BSCI 222: Genetics

Hello my lovely readers, today I'm excited to share that I have uploaded some new resources to the StylebyKye resources page! I decided to share my BSCI222 Google folder with my site members and in today's blog I want to overview what is in the folder and how you can best use it!

I really wanted to share these resources for genetics because it was one of the hardest biology courses I've taken. There was just so much new information to learn! As I Cellular Biology and Genetics major, I have now moved onto BSCI410- Molecular Genetics and let me tell you, it is crucial to understand what you learn in BSCI222 because this really lays the foundation to understanding the field of genetics.

What I like about genetics is how applicable it is in so many ways! We are in an age of easily being able to sequence DNA and each day we are understanding more and more about how our genes. Genetics will pop up in your other biology classes too, I am also taking Biology of Cancer right now and we often discuss molecular genetic assays or cancer genetics.

Once you get through this class, it will give you the basis to move onto more specific genetic applications in whichever field you are interested in!

What is in the folder?

This Google Folder is the way that I organized myself when I took the course last semester. When I started taking genetics, within the first few lectures I was like "woah this is a lot of information." I knew I would feel more set for success if I kept myself organized.

I made a separate folder for each topic. One of my key tips for studying biology is to keep on top of the material. I follow a three step note taking technique that I discuss in my blog "How I Study for Biology." That's why you'll find that each topic folder has typed notes, my written notes, and review questions. I made sure to review, study, and test myself on each topic so that by the time the exam comes around I just focus on practice exams.

I also have practice exams in these folders! Most professors give out their old exams and my professor was no different so I have the exams that she gave us. I found practicing from old exams is a good way to see how questions might be asked, but you should never use that as your only way of studying.

If you look at my typed notes, these might be helpful for you if you're taking the course to see a topic described in another way. I often when doing my typed notes look up youtube videos or other websites for help me understand the topic and try to write the typed notes in my own words. After all, if you are rewriting notes but in the same way it was taught to you and it didn't make sense the first time....then it's not going to make sense the second time if you don't try to get yourself to understand it.

I use the app Notability on my iPad to take notes and then I send them over to my google drive as a PDF. For each topic, you'll also see my written notes. Again, be sure to read about my three-step note taking process. In my written notes, I really tried to use a lot of images to help me learn the material. This is very helpful in genetics and some exam questions will also ask you to draw so it is helpful to practice!

My resources are FREE and to access them you just have to sign up for site membership which takes less than a minute!

I really hope that these are helpful! Even if you are not in this course I think they can still be helpful to see some ideas on how to organize a course and take notes. Please leave me know what you think, what you found helpful, and what other resources you would like to see.



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