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Plan With Me ~ Digital Planning, Trello, Google Calendar for Senior Year UMD

Planning is such a key for success so today I wanted to show you how I get ready for a semester using my very own digital planner, Trello, and Google Calendar!

You can shop my college digital here!

How are you all feeling about starting this new semester? I'm a mix of emotions from nervous, to stressed and honestly not all that excited for it. I've realized just how mentally taxing these last few months have been and how difficult my last online classes were. I'm just praying for a smooth semester ahead!

One thing that helps me to feel more in control of situations is doing my planning. When I made the Style by Kye planner, I wanted it to be a balance of academic planning as well as setting goals, budgeting, meal prep and other aspects of college life. In this video I did some goal setting for the semester and this helped me to see some positivity in the next few months because each semester holds an opportunity to grow and learn!

I hope you all enjoy the video and wish you the best of luck this semester! Thanks for continuing to rock with me and support me!



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