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Planning for Success in College and Beyond

Getting ready for a new college semester? Or maybe a new job or professional school?

If you have been following me and the blog, then you know that I am a firm believer that planning is a key component to success. This lead me to design my first planner in 2020 and since then I am aiming to create a line of planners for the busy and booked student or professional!

I'm excited to share that not one but TWO new Style By Kye planners are out now.

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The College Planner

Introducing the Fall 2022 College Planner.

This planner is made for the driven, booked, and busy college student who wants a planner that is both stylish and able to organize all aspects of college life. It is perfect for the college student on the go and you can customize it to your needs. I designed each page thinking about the aspects I found helpful as a college student to balance my busy schedule, maintain straight As, and wellness!

This planner is designed to be not just a planner, but truly a guide to help prepare you for the semester. My planners encourage a growth mindset and goal setting.

If you find yourself starting the new semester and feeling a little lost with how to best organize your responsibilities, then this planner would be perfect for you.

The planner starts with "Semester Planning." This includes writing a letter to yourself. I find writing to yourself at the beginning of a new school year is a great way to reflect on your past and set intentions for the upcoming year. You can also write a letter that you will read back at the end of the semester!

Next the planner guides you to plan for your semester, such as writing out your class schedule AND when all of your exams are. This is because one of my top tips for college students is for you to read your syllabus for each class.

Next, we go into goal setting. I have a goal breakdown worksheet that helps you to not only set goals but to create a plan to achieve them.

Finances is also important! The planner includes a budget and financial inspiration board.

Next, the planner has exam planning templates. I was successful in my college exams because I followed a study plan and I replicated and then improved the study plans I used for you in this planner. The exam studying plans is in 3 parts.

1. You create your study plan

2. Create your exam study schedule

3. Write your exam reflection

The planner allows you to plan from August through December with weekly planning. Each week you have the weekly overview which guides you to write your goals for the week, your upcoming assignments, any exams and events and priorities. You then have a 2 additional weekly overview page that is more flexible, you can use the blocked daily spaces to write our your to-dos and activities for the days or the more structured template which has you write your schedule out hour by hour.

I included these different weekly overviews because I switched the ways I planned based on how my week was. During busier weeks, I loved doing hour by hour planning so I was able to get everything done.

Next, to help you keep track of spending in college I had a weekly spending tracker. To help you fulfill your habit goals there is a habit tracker. Finally, I encourage positivity and reflection by having you write three good things that happen every day. This really helped me to get through the stressful times in college.

As you can see, the college planner is truly JAM PACKED! It is 195 page and has semester planning, weekly planning, financial/budgeting, exam and finals week planning, and more.

If you are interested in purchasing for yourself or for a college student in your life, please head over to


Are you ever trying to get ready for the day and just want to grab your iPAD/tablet and be able to quickly plan out your day? My digital daily planner is made for you!

The following pages are meant for quick, easy, and stylish day by day planning. I use these pages when I want to write out a to-do list for my day or think about my goals and schedule. You have the flexibility to choose which template you would like to use each day.

I know that my days are not always the same and yours are not either! I designed this undated digital planner that includes 8 different templates to choose from, allowing you to use the daily template best to plan out your day. The templates include a mix and match of:

  • Daily Goal Planning

  • Daily To Do List

  • Daily Affirmation

  • Daily Intentions

  • Daily Hour By Hour Schedule

  • Daily Self Care

Here is one of the template options. As I shared above, I love this template because it allows me to quickly plan out my day which is PERFECT for my busy medical school days.

Of course, it can't be a Style By Kye planner without being stylish! Here is a look at the other templates you can choose each day:

The planner is digital and perfect for apps like Notability or Goodnotes. It is available in pink, blue, and purple. Each of these 3 versions includes both the colored versions and black and white pages as you see above.

For a closer look and to purchase yours, head over to


Thank You

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Style By Kye brand and a thank you in advance to everyone who buys a new planner. This is truly a work of love and passion and I appreciate any and all reviews! I hope to continue designing planners and to bring new product lines soon.

Your support of this small Black owned business means so much!



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