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Q&A and Feedback

Hi everyone! After receiving several questions/emails/DMs I thought it would be a good idea to film a Q&A video, this way I could address the questions and maybe some others that you didn't ask. I am really excited to chat about life, college, really anything!

Most of my questions so far are related to being a pre-med and advice to incoming freshmen so I will likely dedicate one video on those questions and maybe a follow up video on other Q&A.

Please submit your questions using the form below! I also thought I would take this time to collect some feedback about my blog and see if there is any content that you would like to see from me or any content that you don't want me to change! After blogging for the past 5 years, I've never really done this before so I'm excited to hear your feedback!

I'm really excited to read your questions and film this video!



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