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Self Care With Me ~ Post Finals Vlog

Hello my lovely StylebyKye readers....your girl is officially a SENIOR IN COLLEGE! Ah it sounds crazy to even say! I didn't post this past Sunday because I was busy studying for my finals but I am so glad to say that I am officially done with finals and done with junior year! Today's video is a self-care with me vlog, I just wanted to talk to you all about the semester and show you some ways I like to self-care right after finishing my final. It felt great to just talk openly to you all, completely makeup and script free and just really be myself. I find these videos to be really relaxing to watch so I hope you enjoy and that you'll self-care with me!

Let me know if you'd like to see more vlogs and I hope finals went well for all of you!




My next video is going to be a Q&A video! This was really requested by freshmen pre-meds and so the video will be about pre-med advice, but I am also open to doing more Q&A videos. I am also collecting feedback about my blog! So if you have any questions or feedback please fill out the form below:

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