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Semester Challenge

Hello my lovely readers, today I am excited to announce my first challenge! So I did a challenge a few semesters ago and it was a lot of fun, basically I set certain activities or goals for each day and we all gave it a go together. I was excited when I saw Wix released a challenge feature for my website and that was my inspiration go give it a go.

The challenge I designed is the "StylebyKye Semester Challenge." It is meant to help us get a good head start on our semesters in 5 days. I think this will be a lot of fun to do together! The daily tasks include things like organizing your calendar, setting healthy habits, making study strategies and more. Its really up to you how you want to do each task the goal is just for us to do it together!

If you're interesting in joining head to the challenges page on my blog and you will find it there! You can also tag me on instagram as you do the daily tasks!

I hope that this will be a fun, interactive, and productive way to have a strong start to the semester! It starts tomorrow and I hope you will be joining me!



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