Introducing StylebyKye Resources!

Hi everyone! Today I am happy to introduce to you all "StylebyKye Resources". It's a new feature to my blog that I have wanted to bring to you all for a while now, and I am so excited to see it come to live. My new resources page is a place where I will be uploading helpful documents that you can download for FREE. I had this idea because I thought it would take my goal of helping other to the next level, now instead if just reading about my advice I can also create content that you can download and use. In this blog, I wanted to introduce my new blog feature, tell you how it works, and explain the first few resources that are available for download right now!

How to use StylebyKye Resources

Resources are available for site members, but don't worry site membership is completely free. When you go to my main page, you'll see a login button on the top right corner, or you can click on the resources page link on the site menu. Both links will prompt you to a form to either sign up for membership or login.

Simply create a username and password and login into the site. Site membership will subscribe you to my blog and give you access to these resources. Subscription comes with an email alert when a new blog is posted. There may be other future features that I may add for site members, so if you have any ideas be sure to let me know!

Once you're logged in, you can now view the resources page. Each resource has a short description of what it is and an icon. Click on the icon for instant download to your computer!

Who is StylebyKye Resources for?

I try to give advice only on things that I have tried and done myself, so a lot of my resources will be geared towards pre-med undergraduates, since that is what I am! However I do want to try to reach a larger audience as much as possible, for example I might create some resources to help high-schoolers with the college course. Or my resources and blogs on time management can be applicable to everyone! All that's important to me is that I feel confident in the subject I'm talking about and that I've been through it first in order to give advice, tips, notes, or any kind of resource on that subject.

What current resources are available?

1. The Pre-Med Organizer

The first resource available is a pre-med organizer. This is an excel spread sheet turned into the perfect planner for pre-med students. When applying to medical school you will need to document your activities, research, clinical shadowing and more, so it's really important to keep this organized.

This organizer has spaces for you to document your courses, medical schools, community service, activities, research, and clinical experiences. I also included information in each tab about what medical schools are looking for and why they require each thing. I took the time to make this organizer so it's easy to use for those who need it. If you use this organizer let me know how you like it and send me pictures!

2. Introductory Guide to Organic Chemistry

Are you taking organic chemistry in the near future? Then hopefully this guide will be the right thing for you. I know the summer before I took organic chem 1, I felt really anxious about the course. All I heard was how hard it was and I really was scared. Now that I've taken both organic 1 and 2 and did well in both classes, I really wanted to create something to help those about to start taking the class.

This guide does not go over everything that you will learn at all, but it does give a introduction to what you will learn in organic chemistry. I focused on the things you should review before the course and somethings you should start learning to give you a head start. With one click you can download my 20-page introductory guide and get a head start for organic chemistry!

3. Orgo 1 Notes

I wanted to upload some more Orgo 1 resources along with the guide, so I scanned and created a 10 page PDF of some notes I took when studying for my organic chemistry final. These notes hopefully will be helpful as you start to learn these subjects in organic chemistry.

4. Daily Study Plan

The last resource available is my daily study plan, which I made a blog about here.

In this blog, I described how I plan my days out hour by hour in order to be productive and get a lot done. This has really worked well for me and helped me handle 19 credits, research, and leadership roles in one semester. If you try out planning out your day with this template, be sure to let me know how it goes!

Four new resources available now for you to download and use! I am so so excited to start uploading these resources for you all. This has been something I wanted to do for a while and I am so excited to launch it.

Let me know which resources you use and which ones you'll like to see in the future!



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