College Apartment & Room Tour

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing my new apartment and room tour. As you know, I am starting my junior year of college at the University of Maryland and this year I am living in an apartment. This means I have my own room and a kitchen to cook my meals in. I am really excited to show you all the tour, I hope you enjoy the video! I give a whole tour of my room and apartment with a lot of decor, organization, and storage tips along the way.


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Where I Bought Items & Links

As you saw in the video and if you have read/watched my last room tours ( click here to watch: Freshman Dorm Tour and Sophomore Suite Tour ) then you'll notice I reuse a lot of the same items. But each room has a different look to it each year.

I wanted to provide you with links to purchase and/or where I bought things:

Purse and lunch kit: TJ Maxx

Comforter Set: Macy's (seems the grey is sold out)

Blanket and rug: Target

Curtain Lights: Marshalls

Butterfly Chair: Target

Clock and mug: Marshalls

Flowers: Micheals

Cart: Ikea

Bluetooth tracker: Tile

Use my code

Lightbox, plant and pens: Marshalls

Sticky notes: Target

Planner: Lavish Life

Jewelry organizer: Marshalls

Lotion and fragrances: Victoria's Secret

Mirror: Target

Grey cart: Target

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour and the pictures! It was really fun to film. I am so in love with my room. If you have any other questions about where things are from, let me know!



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