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My Personal Statement | Becoming Dr. Laurence

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have a very special post. Today I am sharing with you all my personal statement that I wrote to apply to medical school.

Deciding to share this statement online was not an easy choice as the personal statement is truly personal. However, I had a few reasons that led me to share it with you all today.

First, writing a strong personal statement is not an easy task and when I was writing mine it truly helped me to be able to read or listen to examples. I remember many nights searching the web for good examples of statements. I'm passionate about helping other students be successful in achieving their goals of attending medical school.

Second, there is power in story telling and I am proud to share and document my journey and my story. I have been so blessed to have received 20 interview offers and multiple acceptances and I hope that this will inspire others to share their authentic stories when they apply to medical school.

So with that said, I hope you all enjoy!



Disclaimer: This statement is for inspiration and guidance only. Do not attempt to re-use, redistribute, or replicate in any way.

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