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Shades of Brown

Shirt - Target | Linen Pants - Royal Blue | Sandals - Aeropostale | Watch - Coach |

Currently counting down until my high school graduation! For todays outfit I put together a "Shades of Brown" look. I've had these linen pants for the longest time, but I haven't really worn them that often. I really try to switch up my looks now and then. I paired the tan linen with this light brown long sleeve. I wore it off the shoulder and tied up for a casual look. To go along with the brown shades and casual vibe, I wore my strappy scandals. This look is very warm toned, to compliment this I did glowy makeup with a deep nude lipstick and accessorized with gold earrings and necklace. I loved how comfortable and laid back this outfit was, while still making a statement.

Hope you liked it as much as I do! xoxo Kye

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