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My Top Purses for Work and School

If you're like me, then back-to-school shopping is one of your favorite times of the year! Along with getting my notebooks, planners, and other supplies for the classroom, I also loved buying myself a new purse for the school year. I have been taking my purses to class with me since high school and started the tradition of getting one new purse for the school year. I was so excited to go shopping recently and find the perfect purse for my first year at Harvard Medical School.

But if you are also like me, then you are on a budget and looking for the best purse for the best price. Today I want to share my new top picks that are fashionable and functional at the best price!

What I Look For In a Purse


One of my first considerations is whether or not the purse can hold everything I need to for college or for my next journey: medical school. This includes my laptop, iPad, water bottle, chargers, and headphones. But I also don't want the purse to be so big that it overwhelms my outfits or is too heavy to carry


For my every day bag, I stick to neutral colors that can go best with any outfit. I also wanted a professional look since I'll be using this purse for medical school so I opted for black. My last purse for my NIH research job was a pink, so I am no stranger to making pink be professional.

My Top Picks Under $250

*Some links are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to purchase with my link. This is at no additional cost to you.*

Here are my top picks that you can purchase now for under $250 and the purse that I decided to buy for my first year of medical school.

Micheal Kors Jet Set Travel Large Saffiano Leather - $149

This purse was my pick for my first year of medical school because of its classy and timeless style. I love how sleek the design and the size is perfect to hold all my necessities for the day without the bag being too bulky or heavy. It is also important to me to find tote bags that have a zip for privacy and security, especially as I am walking around Boston or using public transportation. This would also be a great purse for traveling and it is available in brown and pink.

Coach Tyler Carryall $175

The next purse I found is from Coach. This one is at another great deal at $179 and has a gorgeous design. This purse has great functionality and is perfect for the person who wants more organization than a tote offers. It has a center zip that can fit your iPad or laptop and has two pockets perfect to fit your phone and earbuds into. The purse is then divided into two compartments which can help you stay organized. Finally, the style is so timeless and classy and comes in both Chalk and Black.

Kate Spade makes some great purses for work/school. My current purse is from Kate Spade and I bought it at TJ Maxx for under $150. For today’s pick, I want to show you all this gorgeous purse in the color Romaine for my people out there who want to add some color for their everyday bag. This purse has everything I love for an every day tote, it has center zip and a slip that can fit your laptop and tablet. It also has three additional pockets. And it zips up which is so important for keeping your items secure!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my new purse and my top picks! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts to get my recommendations!

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Hello! The link for the coach purse does not seem to be working. It keeps saying page not found!

Kyeisha Laurence
Kyeisha Laurence
Jun 04, 2022
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Thank you! I fixed the link!

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