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Yellow & Mellow

Friday April 20th 2018

After enjoying the presentations at the 2018 Gemstone Thesis Conference, Marquiss and I took some photos outside. It was an impromptu photoshoot and he managed to get some amazing shots.

My Outfit

This mustard yellow sweater from Old Navy has become one of my favorites. I love the bright color and the details on the end as well as the high neckline. I paired it with my patterned pants which have hints of white, red, and yellow. They paired so well together. I accessorized with some brown and gold bracelets and finished the look with brown flats.

I love the way the sun was shining and making my skin glow. I did a twist-out style for my hair which turned out great! My makeup was very light, I did my brows, some mascara, and a little powder to control shine.

Don't be afraid to mix P R I N T S & C O L O R S

I hope this post gives some outfit inspiration for this spring/summer season. Prints can be somewhat intimidating but with confidence and a smile they can look amazing! Find colors to compliment your print by picking colors out, as you can see my pants have a mix of colors with red being very predominant, for that reason a red top might make this look over bearing while this yellow top looks greats. It's all about trial and error!


Dream BIG Sparkle MORE Shine BRIGHT

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Let me know what kind of fashion posts you would like to see next.

Photo credits: Marquiss' Photography



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