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The Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion has always been a passion of mines, so when my aunt asked me to model her new collection for her boutique I happily said yes! Today I'm here to give you the inside scope on the new collection and some insight on the latest fashion trends.

These outfits are brought to you from T's Closet. They are located on Front Street in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. T's Closet is a trendy, quality & service oriented boutique where you can be dressed from head to toe in the best fashion. They carry lingerie, purses, shoes, jewelry, and clothing...if you're on the island be sure to stop by.

These photos were photographed by Marquiss Griggs.


Outfit #1: Cosy, Casual, & Chic

This first outfit features this flowy shift dress in a stunning navy blue color. What I love about this dress is its comfort while still being fashion forward. I think there are several things that make this dress unique, firstly it's very loose which could be scary to many girls- after all we don't want our figures to be lost in the dress. I was scared of this too but as you can see in the pictures above the silhouette was actually very flattering!

Secondly, the pockets! I love love love having pockets in my dress and jumpsuits and these pockets were the perfect accessory to help add shape to this dress, simple put your hands in your pocket while walking down the street and have the rest of the dress flow and move along with you.

Thirdly, it's very versatile. You can add different belts to this dress and change your look each time you wear it. Instead of a belt, I decided to pair the dress with this long statement necklace.

What really sold me on this dress was it's comfort, you can simply throw this dress on and run out to start your day. It's great to have pieces like that in your closet.


Outfit #2: Classy and Timeless

This dress not only classy and timeless but it is also very figure fitting and flattering. The cut on the dress accentuates every women's curves by hugging in the waist going out with the peplum at the end of the dress. The peplum is such a trendy and gorgeous touch that makes this dress a must have for your closet.

This dress is perfect for night time events such as a nice date night or girl's night out at a new restaurant. Due to it's class and length I would also pair this dress with a nice tailored blazer for a more professional setting. My favorite feature is the slight slit in the peplum, I think it just so beautiful.

This dress was paired with a statement piece of jewelry from T's Closet. Gold is an obvious choice for this shade of blue because they pair so well together...but don't be afraid to try other combinations such as a vibrant yellow. Luckily, T's Closet carries an array of statement jewelry pieces that will elevate your wardrobe.


Outfit #3: Fun and Flirty

This outfit made me want to strut the street and show off! I felt energetic, fun, and flirty, as you can see by these photos. I love a good pair of jeans and these jeans fit to perfection. The high waist really accentuated my curves.

We paired these jeans with a super cute crop top which I loved for several reasons. I love the way that it twisted in the front, I love the big statement sleeves, and I love the material of the shirt.

This outfit is perfect for the day that you want to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt while still looking super fashionable! I love how this paired with a nude pair of heels as well! Another fun piece to this outfit is the colorful jewelry which added the perfect touch of color.

Can we talk about the PERFECT fit of these jeans?!


Ouftit #4: Camo Cameo

First of all, aren't you loving the photography by Marquiss! I love this photo as much as I love this outfit.

Camo is very on trend right now and I think this jumpsuit is a great way to add camouflage print to your closet. All the little details make this jumpsuit so flattering. I love the fact that its strapless and the way its tailored and as you know I love having pockets!

The fit was perfect, it wasn't too tight which is what you want for this kind of style. I paired this camo jumpsuit with my brown wedges but it could also be paired with sneakers or flats to give a more street wear/casual look. This jumpsuit would pair well with a leather jacket in the evening as well.


Outfit #5: Bright and Bold

This outfit was giving me life! I felt so confident and bold in this ensemble. This blouse is the mustard version to the white one shown earlier and this outfit shows another way to style this top. We paired the bright mustard top with beige shorts and a beautiful statement necklace that really bought the whole look together!

I love the way these shorts fit, as a girl with long legs and a booty struggle with finding shorts that don't leave my booty hanging out. Not too small, not too big, they fit perfectly!

I love having color schemes to my outfits. This outfit has a yellow and brown color scheme which makes it all go together. This top would also pair well with black jeans which will make the mustard color pop even more. Mustard and yellow are very in for this summer and this blouse would be the perfect statement crop top to add to your collection.


Outfit #6: The Perfect Red Dress

How stunning is this dress?! This beautiful red dress is a show stopper, be prepared to have heads turning when you enter the room in this ensemble.

There is so much beauty in this dress. The clean lines, the figure hugging silhouette, and of course the beautiful ruffle feature. This dress is perfect for a special event!

Don't be afraid to add statement jewelry pieces with your statement clothing. We paired this dress with a very flashy necklace and it really elevated the outfit!


I really hope you enjoyed these outfits. If you're in St. Maarten and liked what you saw be sure to stop into T's Closet and get them before they're gone.

What I love about T's Closet is that they carry trendy clothing without it being what everyone else has on. Remember you can still look unique even while following the latest trends.

Fashion is always changing but there are somethings that are just timeless and always in style and T's Closet is always sure to carry those staple pieces for your closet.

I really loved each and every one of these outfits and hope you did too! Would you like to see more?

Special thanks to Marquiss for taking these amazing pictures.



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