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Outfits of the Week

Happy Sunday to all my lovely readers. So my first week of sophomore year went by so fast! Today I want to share what I wore this week as well as how my first week went. Hope that you enjoy!


Monday August 27th 2018

The first day of school outfit is still really important to me! I love putting together a cute outfit for my first day of classes. To see what I wore for my freshman year click here.

Top: T's Closet | Pants: T's Closet | Purse: Micheal Kors | Sandals: T's Closet

For this year's outfit I wanted to look super girly and classy. I decided to wear this cute pink blouse with some black trousers. I added a necklace and wore my gold scandals. I was also really excited to show off my new hair, I finally have my weave in again and I love it!

The only downfall to this outfit was the 90+ degree weather! But you know the old saying "beauty is pain" haha, other than that I really loved this outfit. The blouse and pants are so versatile, I can dress them up or dress them down more so stay tuned for more outfits.


Tuesday August 28th 2018

On Tuesday I decided to wear this super cute dress. Today was a pretty simple outfit but I think the statement really came from this gorgeous teal color. I really don't wear blue a lot but I think that this shade was very flattering on my skin tone.

Dress: Old Navy | Necklace: T's Closet | Shoes: Marshalls

Comfort is so important on a college campus, especially with my busy schedule and so I really try to find a balance between fashion and comfort. This dress was perfect for my busy day in the hot Maryland weather. Adding accessories is so important if you want to add a personal touch to your outfits and make them a little different each time you wear them. For example next time maybe I'll pair this dress with a gold necklace and my hair up in a ponytail, these little difference can help you have many different looks with the same items.


Wednesday, August 29th 2018

Here is Wednesday's outfit...I think this was probably my favorite outfit of the week. I also love the photos that my boyfriend took of me.

Shorts: BCBG | Shirt: T's Closet |Shoes: Target

For this outfit, I paired these shorts that I've had forever (surprised they still fit honestly) with a cute top from my aunts boutique. I've worn these shorts in several ways over the past years and I really love how they paired with this statement T-shirt. The colors all went together without being too "matchy-matchy".

The shirt didn't need any addition accessories, so instead I accessorized my wrist with my watch and this gorgeous bracelet.


Thursday, August 30th 2018

On Thursday I wore a super cute top with a pair of jeans. Now I'll apologize for the quality of the photos, I had a super busy day and took these literally before I went to bed (sorry!) But I wore the same outfit a few weeks ago and will insert those pics for a better look:

Top: T's Closet | Jeans: T's Closet

This strapless top is so cute, I love the colors and the details in the front such as the little buttons that go down the middle. It pairs really well with my jeans but could also go well with a white skirt or pants.


Friday, August 31st 2018

Skirt: Charolette's Rousse

On Friday, I decided to wear this black and white outfit after some very colorful outfits this week.

I kept this outfit pretty simple because I really wanted the skirt and it's beautiful lace details to be the focal point. I added a black chocker and black and white earrings.


I really hope that you enjoyed seeing my outfits for the week. I'll do more in the future if you're interested.

To hear about how my first week of classes went check out my post: August 2018: Monthly Update. (posting soon)



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