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Falling into Autumn

A new season is always a fun time for a fashion loving girl like me...why? It allows me to rearrange my wardrobe and try some new outfits. Here is the outfit I wanted to share with you all today. I felt very chic, very French, and cute in this fit.

Outfit Details

My skirt is from Gabe's and was only $9! I really love shopping at discount stores because I am able to find some really unique pieces. I paired it with my white turtleneck and added my grey shawl from Marshall's for some warmth in this cooler weather.

I kept my makeup pretty simple, I did my normal routine with foundation, concealer, and brows and a lot of highlight for some extra glow throughout the day. I also loved how the highlights in my hair were popping in this sunlight.

When I love my outfit it just gives me an extra boost to get through the day! It makes me smile and feel confident to take on all the ups and downs of the day. I may be extra but it's what makes me happy! At the end of the day being yourself is the best thing to be.

My fashion tips for this season is to experiment! This cooler weather is ideal for layering, one thing I try to do is to put together outfits with things I didn't wear in the summer by layering them with my warmer clothes. I really try to come up with some new outfits every season. It's also a good time to play around with new colors, add in some great fall colors like olives and dark greens, maroons and purples, dark grey, and mustard. I also like to bring out my darker lipsticks and nail colors around this time.

Photo credits to my wonderful boyfriend Marquiss.

I'll keep sharing my favorite outfits throughout the season. Hope you guys liked this look as much as I did!




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