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First Day | Spring 2019

New semester, new classes, new schedule...

Today was my first day of my sophomore spring semester. If you've been keeping up with me, then you know this semester is hella busy, I am taking 19 credits of organic chemistry, biology, french, sociology, research and math! While I am feeling a little overwhelmed I am overall excited for this new semester and I will of course be taking you all along on this journey with me. But is my outfit for the first day of classes!

Notice anything different? Thats right, the glasses are real and not just for fashion and style this time. Last week I was told that I needed glasses and so I got my prescription and this super cute pair of glasses. I was excited to show off my new look.

For my outfit I wanted to look stylish while still being comfortable and an outfit that showed my personality! I paired my houndstooth pants with this yellow sweater from Old Navy. I never paired this pattern with this color before until I say the outfit inspiration on Pinterest this morning! I love the way it looks. To stay warm I added my high black boots, and finished the look with my thick jacket and scarf (not pictured).

I also have a new hairdo! I am loving my high pony tail look, and here is the tea, this style cost me $13! I brought the hair at my local beauty store and it was so worth the price and more, the hair looks super natural, takes heat very well, and is easy to apply. The brand of the hair is "Beshe" and I have it in the color 2. I really suggest this look for my natural beauties out there who would like to switch up their look.

As for my makeup, I am mostly wearing Fenty. I followed my everyday makeup look which I will be updating you all on soon with a video and blog, so stay tuned. I am wearing the Fenty lipstick in Freckle Fiesta which is a orange-nude color and toped it with the Gloss Bomb.I kept my accessories pretty minimal and then I headed out the door to my class!

I hope you all liked my outfit! I really suggest mixing some bright colors with your prints, it can make you stand out in the best way. Let me know what you think about my new look.

I'll update you all at the end of the week with my first impression of all my classes. Thanks as always for reading



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