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How to: Ponytail Hairstyle on Natural Hair

Hi everyone! Lately I have been rocking this ponytail look and loving it, so I thought it was only right to share it with you all. This style is a great way to switch up your look, especially with natural hair. Since last year I have been doing no-heat on my natural hair, so when I don't have a weave or braids in I'm styling my curls in various ways. Here is how I got this sleek ponytail look on natural hair and for under $20:

Special thanks to my mom for her help ;)


1. Purchase a Draw String Ponytail

There are a few ways you can do a ponytail, in the past I have used my weave wrapped around my bun to get a similar look but this time I decided to use a ponytail attachment. I went to my local beauty supply store and picked out this synthetic draw-string ponytail from the brand "Beshe" for only $13 in the color 1B. I picked this one because it had a lot of volume, good length, and a very natural look. It took heat up to 350 degrees and styled really well.


2. Wash Hair and Dry

The first step to this hairstyle is to start on freshly clean hair, this sleek look requires a lot of gel which builds up quickly so you want to be sure to start on clean hair to have your style last longer.


3. Add Gel and Brush

After my hair dried, I began to brush my hair up into a small bun using the Pro Styl gel. This gel has been around for all my childhood, whenever it came out I knew my hair was about to be slicked back. You can buy this gel for under $2.

Position your bun according to how you would like your ponytail. Tip, before making it too tight and perfect, test out the ponytail and make sure you like how it looks. I wanted a really high ponytail that you could see when looking straight at me, and so I positioned my bun pretty high up.


4. Go Under Dryer

Since I wasn't straightening my hair, I went under the dryer after applying the gel to give it extra hold and keep my curls down. This helped my hair to blend with the ponytail and to keep my hair looking sleek and brushed back. I really suggest this tip for us girls with thick hair and curls.


5. Attach Ponytail

The drawstring ponytail is very easy to use, it has two combs at the front and the back which helps it to stay in place. After all last thing any girl wants is for their hair to fall out! And trust me there were some super windy days when I got worried, but the ponytail didn't move one inch. Be sure to tighten the drawstring to the size on your bun.


6. Styling the Hair

Here is a look at the ponytail before any heat being applied, as you can see it had lots of volume and a great natural look! I decided to style it by straightening it and going for a very sleek ponytail. I used my flat iron at 350 degrees to transform the hair to what you see above.



The last step was to get my edges right. I used Got 2B Ultra Styling Gel and it made my edges look flawless and stay that way all day long. It has an extreme hold even for the most unruly edges.


Et voila!

Those are the simple steps to getting this sleek high ponytail hairstyle on natural hair. I am really loving this hairstyle, it is easy, inexpensive, and super cute! What more could you ask for?


Thanks for reading! What do you think about this look and what hairstyle should I try next?



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