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Going Red

Surprise surprise-I am now a red head! I hope you all aren't too shocked. So this past weekend I got my weave done which is a hairstyle you've seen me in many times before, but this time with a twist. I have been planning to dye my hair red for a couple months now and I am so excited that it finally happened. I feel like a new person!

I've wanted to go red since Rihanna did in her Loud era! I think the color is so bold and powerful and so far I've been loving it! I think the color turned out amazing and I am so glad I went ahead and did this style. Shoutout to my aunt Tamalia for doing an awesome job with this hair color!


The Process

Step 1: Bleaching the hair

Step 2: Adding the Color

Step 3: Styling and Installation

Et voila...

What's funny is that I keep forgetting that my hair is red until I look in the mirror or someone points it out! Have you ever wanted to dye your hair? I hope you all like the new look!

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