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Internship Fashion Lookbook

Hi everyone! Today I want to share my various outfits throughout my internship. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, picking out a outfit every morning is part of my daily routine. I was excited to put together some new looks for my job. While I didn't the get the best photos every day, I did get some shots of my looks that I'd like to share.

If you're not already, be sure to follow my instagram @simply_kye, I almost always post my daily outfits there. I hope you guys enjoy the looks and let me know which one is your favorite!


My 1st day outfit. For my first day, I wanted to wear something that really showed my personality. I paired these pink pants from Charlotte Rouse with a white blouse and this super cute patterned blazer from T's Closet. I love how these pastel colors looked together and I felt super confident in this look.


White on white can be a little daunting, but it truly is a powerful look. I love these white shorts from T's Closet, they are the perfect professional length especially when paired with a blazer. I decided to add my white blazer also from T's Closet on top, to break up the white I added this snake print top from H&M and tied in the snake print with my scandals.


I made a statement with this bright red blazer from T's Closet. Blazers are a great way to spice up your outfit, it took this look from just black pants and a striped top to an eye-catching outfit. I wore my cute red flats to keep the pops of color going down to my toes.


Ok, here is a non-blazer outfit that is also super cute. I love monochromatic looks, I paired my navy blue skirt with a same-colored top. On this day, I really wanted to show off my new pair of earrings from T's Closet, so I kept the colors scheme simple so the earring could compliment it. Next to make this office friendly, I added a cardigan, which helped to cover some curves throughout the day. But once work is done, take the cardigan off and you have a cute look to explore the city in.


Here is another super cute outfit. I love these grey jeans from T's Closet, they fit super well and have crystals on the bottom. It made me think of this sparkly top I had, so I decided to pair them together. This top is actually a crop top, but here is a way to make crop tops work for your job or school, layer it! I put the crop top onto of my flowy white top for a cute layered look.


Pencil skirts are one of my favorites. This skirt is from H&M, I paired it with a black top and white cardigan. I also put my hair back and added some hoops to complete the look. Pencil skirts are comfortable, versatile, and are a great addition to your closet.


Here is another look with my grey jeans. I love how pink and grey look together. This blouse from T's Closet is one of my favorite, not only is it my favorite color but it also has the cutest ruffles. I added some silver jewelry to finish the look.


Here is another example of business-casual. I love paring green and grey together. My green pants are from Old Navy and my grey top is from H&M. I added my darker grey blazer on top, this is a great look for work or one I would wear to class as well.


What's better than houndstooth? I love this print, usually I would pair it with black or white, but it actually pairs really well with colors like pink, red, and yellow. The pants are high waisted and from T's Closet and I wore my pink blouse from H&M. I added my pink lipstick from Fenty Beauty and wore an up-down hairstyle. I love how this look came together, and I hope you'll try pairing patterns and colors.


Finally, here is my outfit I wore on my final presentation day. I loooove this blouse. It paired really well with my pink pants which I also wore on my first day. I always feel most confident in an outfit I love, so on this day I felt ready to give my presentation.

I hope you guys liked seeing some of my outfits from my summer internship. Let me know which one was your favorite!




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