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First Week | Spring 2020

Hello my lovely readers, today I am excited to continue a tradition: my first week of the semester blog with outfits of the week. Every new semester is an exciting time to me, I look forward to starting new classes and working on my set goals for each semester. So far Spring 2020 is off to a great start and I am excited to explain why.

First Day of the Semester

I didn't have much "first day butterflies" this year, instead I was just excited to go to my classes and start the semester! I started the day with my Biochemistry lecture and Health Professional writing course, two classes that I am excited to take. I have been looking forward to biochemistry because it puts general chemistry and organic chemistry into the context of biological systems. I have always loved chemistry but my passions really lie within biology, thus combining these topics makes me very excited for this course. Right now, I am focused on memorizing the structures and properties of the 20 amino acids. Afterwards I attended my health professional writing course, in this course we discuss health topics and I will be writing my personal statement which I can use to apply to medical schools.

One thing that I am so grateful for this semester is my schedule. I have breaks throughout my days that I can use to study or to take a quick break. I feel so thankful because the last two semesters were extremely hectic for me, so it feels amazing to have a more relaxed schedule this semester.

For my first day outfit, I wore these stunning high waisted pants from T's closet and paired them with my ruffled sweater from Forever 21. I wanted to show off my new purse from Aldo which is this beautiful yellow that pops every outfit, especially in the winter when I wear more neutral colors. I also love my earrings from T's Closet which gave more color to the look, and I found that these earrings go with almost every outfit! I decided to start the semester with some braids, but this time I did bigger medium size braids which I hadn't done before and I love the look!



Unfortunately, I caught a cold during the first week of school but this didn't stop me from putting together cute outfits. This outfit was very comfortable which was perfect for when I wasn't feeling 100%. I wore these high waited jeggings from Fashion Nova with a grey turtle neck and my grey shawl which felt like I was wearing a blanket all day. Again, my yellow purse really added a nice pop of color to the look.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are very biology focused. I started the day with the course I was most excited for: BSCI 433 Biology of Cancer! This upper-level biology course gives a foundation of the field of oncology. In this course we will cover topics such as skin cancers and UV radiation, oncogenic versus, principles of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

This course is taught by the same professor whom I took Cell biology with last semester and he has become one of my favorite professors that I have had. He is so passionate about cell biology and explains the topics so well. Our course this semester is 75 minutes long and so he gives us a five minute break every class, and just that little thing he does is an example of his thoughtfulness. So far, every Tuesday and Thursday I wake up excited to attend the course!

After 75 minutes of biology of cancer I head directly to my next biology course: BSCI 410 Molecular Genetics. This course I am also happy with because it takes the topics I learned in Principles of Genetics and expands on it with a focus on the molecular aspects. My professors seem very approachable and the far I've enjoyed the material.

After this class, I head to another 75 minute lecture which is the course than I am doing supplemental lectures for: BSCI 160. I'm not enrolled in this class, but I attend the class so I know what my students are learning which allows me to make the best lessons plans.

Thankfully after these classes I have a two hour break before I teach my lessons. Now you see why I say my Tuesdays/Thursday schedule are my biology- heavy days.



On Wednesday, I had my biochemistry and health professional lecture and then I end the day with my french course. This semester, my french class is a Monday/Wednesday 75 minute lecture which is interesting because I have always had French 3 times a week. But I like it because it has left my Friday's really open! My french course is French 387 and it is a writing course on Quebec. In this course we're learning about Quebec and improving our writing. Every semester, I am really anxious about my French classes and I was my first impression was that I was really intimidated by this course. But, after a few more classes I think I am feeling a little more confident and I am going to try my best to continue to improve my French.

Today's outfit was very French inspired as well. I paired my leather leggings with my long grey sweater and of course I had to add my beret on top.



On Thursday, I had the same 3 courses as I talked about before and then I attended a special meeting. I was selected to be the student representative on the search committee for the new Director of the Gemstone Program, which is the four year honors program I am a part off. This is a huge honor and responsibility and I was quite nervous walking into the board meeting but thankfully it went well and I look forward to being the voice of my peers for this important decision.

I wore one of my favorite blazers from T's Closet and wore an all black ensemble underneath. In the winter, I love turtlenecks and the many ways that you can wear them such as with a blazer as I show above.



As you can see by my smile, I had a great first week! I ended my week feeling super optimistic for this semester. I love my courses and the material that I will be learning and I also have great professors. My schedule finally gives me the opportunity to study during the day, run experiments in my lab, and have clinical volunteering every week! My Fridays end at 11am which gave me to opportunity to start as a volunteer at our local Pregnancy Aid Clinic every week. Not only is this great for my medical school applications, it is also a health clinic that I have wanted to volunteer at since Freshman year but I never had enough hours in my schedule until this semester!


Thank you for reading my post! If you want to see more OOTD's be sure to follow my instagram @simply_kye. I am so optimistic and feeling great about this semester, I also feel less stressed and worried and trying to be more in the moment as I enjoy my 6th semester of college. I hope if you started school too that you also had a great start and that this semester will be one filled of achieving the goals you set for yourself. Just remember that every day is an opportunity to do something that you've wanted to do or to work towards your dreams!




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